Tips for Taking Brilliant Landscape Photos for Building a Popular Instagram Account

Instagram is a highly popular social media channel that is a dedicated image-sharing platform online. As the platform is forever brimming with photos shared by so many Instagrammers, it is a pretty challenging exercise to identify well-crafted and expressive photos amid burrito pictures and selfies. According to Forbes, finding exceptional pictures on Instagram could prove to be difficult. It is even harder to identify photographers who are showcasing top-quality work consistently on Instagram. Landscape photographers are known to work in diverse genres and styles. However, all landscape photographers share the right eye for detail, composition, the capability of consistently creating stunning pictures. 

Clicking photos of landscapes could appear to be a simple task since you are always surrounded by boundless natural beauty. However, there is some landscape photography secrets that you need to explore if you wish to create Instagram-worthy landscape images. Once you acquire sound knowledge of fundamental photography concepts, you may explore the following tips to enhance the possibility of clicking share-worthy landscape pictures on Instagram.

Focus on Quality

Your focus should be on generating top-quality landscape photos that may be shared on Instagram. There is no point in sharing for the sake of posting photos on Instagram. Instead, it is a wonderful idea to consider your Instagram account as your portfolio to demonstrate your skill, expertise, and finesse as a landscape photographer. All pictures that you intend to share with your Instagram friends should meet the highest possible standard. Great pictures motivate more people to leave nice comments on them. However, you can buy Instagram comments from a trustworthy digital marketing service provider for boosting your followers

Know & Get Accustomed to Your Camera

Whether you will be using a smartphone, point-and-shoot camera, or even a DSLR, it is essential to know precisely how to make the most of your equipment. Learn to use your camera by learning about its features and exploring the specific functions available on your camera. Learn ways to adjust ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

Do Adequate Location Research 

If you are thinking of shooting pictures at a location that is not familiar to you, it is a good idea to land up at the location a day or two in advance and start conducting meticulous research. Start digging out valuable information like spectacular viewpoints and enchanting areas of interest. You may use Google Street View for getting a preview of precisely how the overall scenery appears and plan effective ways of getting the perfect shot.

Pick the Right Aperture

Landscapes, perhaps more than any other pictures, require you to be laser-focused and render a very sharp image. This means you have to pick your exposure settings carefully. The first step is to pick a mid-range aperture. An f-stop that is two or three notches higher than the lowest setting, say around f/8, tends to work very well for these shots. Apertures that are too high or too low can negatively impact the clarity of the image clarity. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, however; you must tinker with the aperture setting to ensure all the visual elements you want to include are in focus.

Low ISO is Essential

Outdoor images are at their best when you pick a low ISO setting, preferably as low as possible keeping other settings like shutter speed and aperture to your desired values. Higher ISOs often return grainy images, and you should stay in the 100-400 range to retain high quality. That said; don’t get so bogged down with perfection that you lose the opportunity to pick a perfect shot.

Be Intentional with your Instagram Usage

Aside from content signals, Instagram also factors usage patterns in their ranking algorithms. You must use the app in an intentional and productive way so that everything you do is geared towards building your unique brand. The algorithm will be able to pick up on the fact that your profile is interesting to people and should be shown higher up in feeds rather than being buried under a mountain of inferior content. Building a brand is important because many followers come for the content initially, but stay for the personal connection they have built with the creator. Getting people to want to know you and engage with you is a great way to be successful on Instagram.

Conclusion: Make the Most of the Golden Hour

Landscape photographers consider the time immediately after sunrise or just before sunset to be the golden hour or the magic hour for clicking some of the best pictures. This is because of the diffused light and beautiful atmosphere created by the low position of the sun in the sky. Your Instagram feed must reflect your passion and love for, and expertise in landscape photography. Follow the expert tips discussed above for generating top-quality landscape photos that go a long way in engaging and boosting your audience on Instagram.