Tips for Safe Propane Storage

Did you know that the risk of a person dying from a propane explosion is about one in 37 million? This is about the same risk you have of dying in an airplane crash.

Propane tank explosions and accidents are rare despite what you might see on television. Propane is flammable but their tanks are durable and have built-in safety precautions.

Even so, it’s important to follow propane storage tips to avoid any risk. Keep reading to learn more.

Storing Propane Outdoors

Outdoor propane storage is safe, but you should choose a spot away from your home.

You can store your propane tanks outside in the winter as well. Freezing temperatures don’t cause problems for propane tanks. You won’t need to cover the tank to prevent it from freezing.

When storing outdoors, place the tank on a sturdy surface. This could be a piece of wood or a slab of concrete. Although you don’t have to cover it, you can if you want to.

In the summer, storing propane tanks outdoors is also simple. Keep propane tanks on a flat, solid surface to store them in warm weather. Keep it away from direct sunlight for long periods of time.

When you install a propane tank after storage, you can do so by putting it underground. Read more info about propane underground tank installation now.

Storing Propane Indoors

Indoor propane storage is safe and convenient with the right setup.

Of all the safety tips, one of the most important to follow is keeping your propane tank away from your living area. Even when storing indoors, don’t choose a spot that is attached to your home.

The best storage choices for indoors are detached sheds or garages. This keeps propane tanks away from direct sunlight while providing it will a well-ventilated area in all weather conditions.

Keep the tank on the ground away from electrical tools and flammable materials. Save the fire department a trip from coming to your home with these proper storage tips.

Additional Propane Storage Tips

Whether you are storing your propane tanks indoors or outdoors, there are certain storage tips that should always be followed. They include:

  • Avoid storage in direct sunlight
  • Don’t let your tank storage area reach temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Keep your tank above -40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter
  • Never store the tank on its side or upside down
  • Ensure the gas valve is OFF during storage
  • Never store propane inside the home or inside your vehicle

Even if your propane tank isn’t full, follow these precautions to ensure safe and proper use of the cylinder.

Safe Propane Storage Tips to Follow

When it comes to propane storage, you don’t want to get anything wrong. Luckily, when you follow a few propane storage safety tips, you don’t have to worry about your cylinders causing problems.

Choose between indoor and outdoor storage and consider the temperature of the area. Always keep propane tanks upright and away from combustible materials.

Stay safe with these tips and don’t forget to come back to this blog for more articles!