Tips and Tricks to Play Teen Patti | Real Teen Patti Tricks to Win

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Teen Patti is among the most popular card games in India. Especially, people like to play card games during festivals such as Diwali or Holi. Moreover, gamer like to win more rounds of teen patti to go home with a handsome amount.

But winning a game of teen patti requires sharp skills. Don’t panic as today we will share the top 10 tricks to win teen patti.

Top 10 Teen Patti Tips and Tricks 

Following are the top 10 teen patti tricks to win an online or real game. 

1) Choose small bets over big bets

Teen patti is a game of intelligence and patience. That’s why you must start your game with small bets as they will provide you a higher chance of winning teen patti than big bets. Moreover, even if you lose, small bets will cost you less money.

2) Take sharp steps

When playing any online or real card game, remember that these games depend on your luck and skills. That’s why try to be attentive during a teen patti game and take sharp steps as emotional behavior costs you a bad game. 

3) Play with a poker face

Don’t bet first when you get good cards. Similarly, don’t fold your bet immediately when you get weak cards. These steps will help the opponent to read out your playing style and your chances of winning a game lessen. That’s why you have to play smoothly with a poker face even if you get the best cards. 

4) Play more games

One thing that differentiates a beginner gamer from a professional player is the number of teen patti rounds they have played. That’s why to become a quality gamer you must play thousands of games to achieve as much experience as you can. 

5) Never fear to lose 

Every player must understand the fact that you won’t be able to win every game of teen patti. Moreover, professional gamers never win all rounds of teen patti. But they do play in a way that enables them to make sufficient money while playing teen patti. So, the trick is about winning more rounds of teen patti than losing it. 

6) First, understand the game then bet money

Teen patti is a gambling game that can either give you a lump sum of money or snatch it. Thereby, never put your cash into a game before understanding it completely. However, this game is very simple to play. So, start with a free online teen patti game to get some idea before investing your money in it.

7) Always set your boundaries first 

Plan your limits first then bet your savings on a game of teen patti. Avoid playing with loan money or cash that you need for your expenses, bills, or food. Moreover, before placing any money decide how much amount you can afford to lose.

8) Prepare for surprises 

Remember how experienced and skillful you are at teen patti, it remains the game of luck. You might have the best cards, but they won’t save you from a loss. Let’s suppose, you get three Jacks, and your chances of winning are high but the person sitting next to you has three Kings and you are out of the game. So, be ready for surprises. 

9) Play Blind

Blind playing is among the best teen patti tricks. It will allow you to raise the bets before the cards have been drawn between gamers. But if your opponent increases the bet then don’t show panic or fold your cards quickly. Instead play with small bets, so blind game won’t hurt your profit. 

10) Wait for your opportunity 

Teen patti is an active game where gamers increase bets or fold cards without any warranty. Even sometimes many pro players fold their games within a single round. So, you must be ready to grab the winning opportunity even if you get weak cards.