Three Ways To Improve Your Company’s Privacy

In many businesses, we handle confidential information and important data on a daily basis. No matter what your business is you may either deal with client or customer information, financial information, and employee information. 

Not only is this information important to your business, but it is important to the people it is relative to. This means that it is very important that you protect this information from fraud, theft, and otherwise. 

So what do you need to know about how to improve your data security? We are here to tell you.

Protecting Company Data Security

Having information on your customers, clients and employees is important for every business from small start-ups to large conglomerates. What is even more important is ensuring that this information remains secure and safe. 

A lot of smaller businesses are unprepared for tricks that hackers can use to extract this data from their systems, and the repercussions of this happening. It feels overwhelming to even think about, but businesses usually do not want to spend their whole budget on this. 

Small businesses are an especially attractive target for hackers because of their vulnerability, and lack of security in place. 

Hackers are even capable of targeting major conglomerates and chains through third parties. 

There was an occurrence in 2013 in which hackers managed to get the details of many millions of customers during the festive season just by accessing a smaller business affiliated with the company. 

Why Do You Need To Protect Company Security

Protecting company security is very important, it does not just damage the integrity of a company if they are hacked, but it can lead to civil suits and lawsuits. 

In the event a customer’s data is stolen due to a lack of security measures on behalf of the company, a customer can take the company to court for insufficient data protection.

Of course, this means that the company can lose money, lose customers, and can even lead to the liquidation or bankruptcy of some companies. 

So, while it may not seem necessary for you to be spending such a large amount on security measures, it is more worth it than it seems. You could be saving yourself thousands in the long run. 

Ways To Improve Security

How can you improve your data security? Well, there are many ways, but we have broken down the ways to find the top 3 ways you can do this. 

You should always be aware of the many ways you can advance your security for your business, and some ways may actually be cheaper than others. So, here are three methods you can use, even if you are a small business short on cash for security expenses. 

  1. Control Who Has Access

Firstly, you should control who has access to your data files. This means that any information you store digitally you encrypt, use firewalls, and strong passwords. 

This is even more important when you are using USB storage devices to hold this information, these can so easily be misplaced, so it is important that we do what we can to protect even these devices. 

When you are using passwords, do not forget to ensure they are strong and secure, and change them on a regular basis. The more regularly you change them the better. 

Password systems will always tell you when a password is weak, medium, or strong, and never settle for less than strong or very strong passwords. Never let it be something easy to guess either. 

  1. Secure Delivery & Storage Of Documents

If you have other documentation that is in a physical form, you should always be sure that they arrive to you securely and are kept secure. This means that you need to ensure that any documents being delivered are carried by a trust courier service.

Only particular members of staff should be allowed to take in these documents too. When you store them then you should keep these documents in a lockable storage space, a safe, a cabinet, or something with a code. 

If documents need to be destroyed, shredding is a good way to go. 

For digital documents, ensure that emails and file sharing systems are protected and encrypted if at all possible.

  1. Data Encryption And Testing

You should choose to encrypt all your personal devices and work devices to make sure that they are secure, all data should be stored in encrypted means and should stay this way when it travels. 

You should also install antivirus software packages to protect your company, but you should use reliable ones and test them regularly.