Three tips for the perfect technical SEO strategy in 2021 and beyond

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When it comes to link and network-building campaigns, you cannot overlook technical SEO strategies and implementations. In the following section, we have gone over a few careful technical SEO implementation strategies to increase your short-term benefits and build lasting brand efforts and interest. 

  1. New user retention is vital

When you start with a link-building campaign, you need to remember that much of the traffic comes from first-time users. The vital thing to keep in mind is that if your site is slow to load, these first-time users won’t stick around. That is why it is crucial to make a positive first-time impression. 

When it comes to ensuring smooth connection and engagement of the audience and customers, you need to ensure that your site, channels, and resources are all industry standards. In addition, make sure your posts are shareable, and there are enough opportunities for site-wide SEO and growth. 

Here are the top tips for new user retention for your site.

1. Increase the shareability of your content, which will make the site load faster and display content consistently

2. Improve the E-A-T indicators and make sure to maintain the strategies towards site-wide gains and not just page specific

3. Improve the tracking features, channel integration and go for long-term link features to optimize the viability 

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  1. About a backlink audit

Every brand on the internet is looking to gain backlinks. However, before you go for more backlinking, it is vital to work on an audit for the existing ones. Keep in mind backlinks are crucial when it comes to the overall quality of the brand. Use tools to gain insights regarding the types of content that perform well with the customers. The quality and distribution of the backlinks will ensure the realization of your targets.  

  1. About backlink navigation errors

Besides fixing and auditing backlinks, you need to make sure that the links are navigation error-free as well. Backlink errors like the 301 or the 404 damage the momentum of a site. That is why it is crucial to perform the audit to learn more about the navigation errors within your external and backlink features. 301 and 404 redirects have zero PageRank, and therefore try fixing these errors as soon as possible. Fixing these errors leads to better user data tracking and faster connection times. While the former is beneficial for your subsequent SEO strategies, the latter is exceptionally crucial for user retention of your site. 

How to fix these backlink navigation errors?

The most common step is to update the links to the newest working URL. Here are some actions that will allow you to negate backlink errors.

1. Assign 301 redirects to 404 pages and make sure you are matching like-for-like content. For example, do not send users to a “bakery” page if the old link was all about “shoes.” Consistency pays – handsomely.

2. All existing 301s should link to a final destination while making sure to shorten the redirection links to reduce demands on time, server, and crawling-bot budget

Improve the technical SEO features to aid the process of ranking by the bots at the SERPs. Enjoy your success. 

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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