This ring measures any curve and unusual shape with ease

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A Japanese designer has introduced a tool to measure intricate curves and unusual shapes. Now, it’s no longer a difficult challenge with Tiroler, a small titanium ring that can be literally held in your fingertips.

Suzuki Sho, an experienced Japanese industrial designer came up with this convenient solution. Sho is being supported technically by Titaner in his development of this unique device.

It uses continues loop design which provides a lots of ways to measure curves or irregular shapes. The design also uses anti slip stripes on the edges, so the ring would not slip when measuring smooth hard surfaces.

With Tiroler, we can finally overcome the limitations of traditional rulers when measuring unusual dimensions . In turn it would make our lives a lot easier.

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Perfect to measure irregular shapes. (Kickstarter)

How does Tiroler do it ?

What you need to do is to reset the reading in the ring to zero before use. Then set the zero mark at a right angle to the starting point of the surface you want to measure. Then just roll the ring along the measuring path until you hear a click.

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How to Measure (Kickstarter)

A click means one revolution. Count the number of clicks as you measure. A revolution means 10 cm. When you arrive at final reading just add it number of clicks multiplied by 10.

For example let’s say that when you measure a surface you heard 4 clicks and final reading was 4.18 cm.

Now measurement of the surface should be (4 x 10 cm) + 4.18 cm = 44.18 cm

There is also a 5 cm per revolution version.

Not only a measuring tool

Tiroler is not only mere measuring ring. It can also work as a perfect stress buster as well. When its smooth edges rolled using fingers it gives a relaxing touch.

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Also Tiroler could be used as a cool necklace pendant as well.

Is it available for puchase ?

The ring can ordered from Kickstarter which started deliveries from last December.

They ship worldwide and provide free shipping in Japan, United States, European Union, United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Canada, Australia, etc.

In conclusion, we can see that this small titanium ring that makes it super easy to measure unusual shapes and curved surfaces and with extended lengths helps us to overcome limitations of traditional rulers and also makes the life more convenient.

Features Image Credits :Kickstarter

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