These Video Special Effects Will Blow Your Mind

Video might be the most effective content, but guess what? You’re not the only one who knows that. And if your video content doesn’t stand out, it will get lost amongst the millions and millions of videos that audiences are exposed to every day. 

To ensure your videos get the necessary attention and stand out from the crowd, one way is first to create original and engaging content. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for this, and there are also no video special effects that can help poorly scripted and filmed video content.

That being said, video visual effects can help to improve the attention and reach that video content achieves. It can also help get your message across better and express your brand voice in an exciting, attractive, and ultimately endearing way. 

So let’s take a closer look at some of the best video special effects you can use. 


Also known as motion stills, these visual effects combine animation or movement with a still image. Creators can choose which parts of a still image they want to animate and transform an ordinary still image into a truly unique, eye-catching bit of content. 

Cinemagraphs are often used in product advertising clips, where the products and their features are animated to highlight them specifically. The sky’s the limit with Cinemagraphs, and although they take a little practice to perfect, once you get the hang of them, they can be an excellent creative outlet and a great way to make unique content. 

Cinemagraphs differ from similar effects like GIFs in that they are of a high-quality resolution and are also seemingly continuous and natural. Whereas GIFs move for short bursts and then begin the same move again, Cinemagraphs tend to flow naturally and continuously, creating a ‘moving photograph’ effect. 

Motion Graphics

Whereas Cinemagraphs make pictures look as if certain elements are moving naturally, motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage which change the content entirely and enhance certain aspects for effect. 

Content can sometimes be made entirely of motion graphics, but they are mainly added to video content. They can take any form, and any graphic element can be set in motion and added to existing content. 

Motion graphics can take dull and ordinary content and make it exciting and unique. It can also highlight and amplify the characteristics of products and services. 

Stop-Motion Animation

Another highly creative way to ensure that your video stands out is by using stop-motion animation. Stop-motion uses a series of stills edited together to make a continuous motion video. Stop-motion usually uses around 24 shots per second, but this can be altered for effect.

These effects can create quirky, fun, exciting clips and work particularly well for unboxing, product reviews, how-to videos, and other experiential product and service-oriented video ads. 

Transition Effects

One of the most common effects advertisers and content creators use, particularly on YouTube, is transition effects. These are the effects used to seamlessly or precisely move from one concept/frame/thought/sentence to another. It is used to speed up and improve the flow and can also be used to cut out errors or lulls in the movement of the clip. 

There is a vast amount to choose from here. The most common is ‘cuts,’ which are just cut-and-pastes done on clips to edit out middle parts and speed up the flow. You can also use wipes, where one shot travels across the frame to replace another, or crossfades that blend shots into each other in a smooth transition.

Transition effects make the content look more professional and can tidy up long and tedious clips very well. However, since almost all advertisers and content creators use them, you should use them sparingly and find other ways to improve flow to use alongside them. 

Text Effects

Text effects work well because most video content is consumed either without sound or with both sound and subtitles or text effects. In addition, many people are speed browsing to pass the time in various situations that aren’t always conducive to loud sounds.

Text effects are therefore essential, and subtitles are one way to use them. The subtitles don’t have to be discreet or in one place, and you can have lots of fun with different effects and styles. 

Text effects should be designed to highlight the product and service features you want to bring across. You can underline slogans, features, benefits and other vital elements using text effects. 

Augmented Reality

One of the most effective and interactive ways to make engaging videos is to use augmented reality. AR uses your current surroundings and adds various other features and effects using AR filters

Advertisers can use it to simulate products and services and create playful scenarios that encourage people to interact favorably with the brand. 

As you’ve seen, there are several ways to make your videos stand out from the rest by using video effects. So, if you’re starting to experiment with them, take your time and have fun – Soon, you’ll get the hang of it, and that’s when you can begin to improve your video content and engage effectively with your audience!