The USA Cozying Up to Decentralized Poker

Crypto Poker 

CoinPoker remains to be the industry’s flagman; it also serves as the biggest and oldest pure cryptocurrency poker room that brought USDT (in-game) currency into the fray. Through this pathway, CoinPoker solves the underlying volatility issues, thus paving the way for accelerated growth. CoinPoker also provides two promotions that give away 100,000 GTD in prize form. 


Such changes make it possible for the poker community to play using chips that are pegged into a dollar value. They also offer the lowest rake in the industry where there is a verifiably fair and decentralized card shuffling mechanism. Such a combination has never existed anywhere in online poker history.

Before Coin Poker it was only possible to play centralized poker using crypto through platforms such as online. It has been hugely popular but that is not due to revolutionary technological advances but more to do with the bonus code 2021 that gives free chips to play.

Selecting The Coin 

Through expert advisors, the community, and the poker elite demanding effective changes, USDT came up as the most obvious option since it matched the high criteria the room shelved for this coin. The criteria consist of transaction speed, coin stability, and overall reliability. 

Moreover; USDT is simpler to use when we factor in crypto newbies, starting with fiat on users’ bank accounts moving along towards USDT in poker accounts. These can also be interchanged, and transactions conducted successfully within hours. 

CoinPoker also ensures that punters deposit and make withdrawals in BTC and ETH utilizing the most from the in-app currency conversion tool. 

Perfect For Players 

When we focus on the USDT player’s side, we realize that it has the most obvious superiority when we look at liquidity as well as the hedge against crypto market volatility. 

Tokens at this domain are pegged to fiat money, thus making such a stable coin a little less risky than the typical cryptocurrencies. It’s therefore wise to state that newbies, as well as pros, will always be aware of their bankroll when we consider fiat value. 

USDT works in perfect harmony with CHP tokens, a predecessor in-game CoinPoker currency. However, the tokens are not a must use for playing, but using the same accords gamers with exclusive privileges and additional perks. 

Some of these perks include the likes of extra leaderboard points, Rakeback, as well as exclusive access to the sportsbook section, and withdrawal fee discounts. All indicators point towards additional benefits to be launched shortly. 

More Possible Wins It would be remiss if we failed to add that CoinPoker is a cryptocurrency poker room that has the lowest industry rake. It also accords punters with huge promotions valued thousands in fiat currency weekly. 

Moreover, this is the first poker room with 100% rake back returns in numerous shapes and forms. Looking at what is on the table makes it an obvious conclusion that the USDT StableCoin combination at in-game currency and CHP is a bonusing fuel set for long-term success. Wise players will know that these are good terms to take advantage of! 

When To Come On-Board 

As of 1st October 2020, USDT became the official CoinPoker in-game currency. The poker room marked this symbolic date by giving away 100,000 GTD in prize form. 

Gamers are invited to take advantage of the “Crypto Series of Poker” which doubles up as the biggest crypto poker tournaments series. Cash players will receive a two-week Leaderboard rewarding so-long as they make the 100 place cutoff.

After registering, gamblers are requested to invite their friends to come on-board through the referral program that will award them 30%.