The ultimate guide to choosing Gatsby headless CMS

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Gatsby is one of the most popular open-source frameworks for building fast static apps and websites. The platform has grown to gain a considerable following, thanks to its great features, such as friendly developer experience and code splitting.

While running a website powered by Gatsby, it is important to integrate it with a headless content management system (headless CMS). Using Gatsby headless CMS delivers a powerful user experience and helps manage content using interrelated models.

One of the crucial challenges most people often have is determining the right headless CMS for their Gatsby-powered website.

Three factors to consider when choosing Gatsby Headless CMS

1. Budget

While selecting Kontent by Kentico headless CMS to use with Gatsby, always keep in mind your budget. The advantage you have here is that CMSs are generally inexpensive compared to alternatives.

Nonetheless, you need to go for a headless CMS that will not make you feel exploited. Evaluate the pricing tiers of your chosen platform. The typical classification follows this model of pricing: (1) Business, (2) Premium, and (3) Enterprise.

The wording may differ from one headless CMS to another, but they may all have the same implication. The most basic costs less and limits your features, while the advanced option gives access to all features at a higher cost.

2. Maturity of the platform

Most people often make the mistake of assuming that platform maturity is equal to how long the platform has been around. Whereas that has some truths in it, it is not entirely correct. You may have a headless that has been around for so long but has not evolved over the years to keep up with trends.

When evaluating the maturity of your preferred headless content management system, ensure that you look at its longevity and maturity simultaneously.

In terms of maturity, you will be mainly interested in finding out whether the content management system is well-established and has a proven track record. Read online review platforms to find out what others are saying about it. Do you notice a trend of many complaints or compliments? Do you have a feeling that the chosen platform is mature enough to accommodate your requirements?

On the other hand, longevity is entirely focused on the newness of the technology. It is important to remember that headless CMS is a relatively new technology. When headless CMS first came out, the market was flooded with many other alternatives. However, most of these have since been phased out while headless CMS has stood the test of time. Check the operation model of your preferred platform and gauge whether it will be around in the next five years. If yes, then you have got something good to work with.

3. Available features

The best Gatsby headless CMS has the most important features that you need for your work. In most cases, such a platform ought to give you access to various features that allow you to confidently utilize it for various roles.

For instance, assume you need a headless CMS that is text-rich for ease of use by your non-technical team. However, the platform you chose only rolled out this feature recently as a trial. Thus, it has a lot of bugs. Or even worse, it lacks translation options that interface with the rich text content.

When you use a headless CMS that does not have various features, there is very little that you can do with it. Always start by listing down what you intend to use the platform for before looking at what it offers. That helps you remain objective and settle on the right solution guided by your requirements.

Choose Kontent by Kentico Gatsby headless CMS

Kontent by Kentico headless CMS for Gatsby is the best match for your blazingly fast static sites. The ready-to-use content management system ensures your team delivers high-quality content within the shortest time possible and maintains the consistency defined.