Football stadiums have grown to be much more than sheer grass and terraces. The beauty of a football stadium lies in the fact that there are no clear rules as to what makes a stadium amazing. Sometimes it can be the layout or the shape of the stadium, and other times it can be the state-of-the-art features that elevate a stadium to the next level. It could also be the pure size of the arena that sends tremors down the backbone. A number of stadiums in this list are also digitally mapped stadiums using indoor mapping technology. This helps fans locate parking, seats, washrooms, and more, which would improve the overall fan experience.

As you may have realised, there are lots of factors that can be weighted subjectively depending on the stadium. But which stadiums are considered to be the best stadiums in the world? We have made a list of some of the most popular football stadiums that are a must-visit for any football enthusiast:

  1. Wembley Stadium (London, UK)

One of the most famous football stadiums in the world is Wembley Stadium. First opened in 2007, this 90,000-capacity stadium is often called the home of football. The views from this stadium, no matter how far away from the pitch you are seated, are outstanding. The concourses, the ease of access, the space and the sheer size of the stadium all create one tremendous package.

The game of football has come a long way since Wembley was opened in 2007. However, despite newer stadiums being constructed in countries all around the world, Wembley remains one of the best and most popular stadiums amongst football fans. 

  1. Camp Nou (Barcelona, Spain)

First opened in 1957, Camp Nou is Europe’s largest football stadium. In fact, the capacity of this stadium once reached over 120,000 for the 1982 World Cup finals. However, this has now been reduced thanks to new laws being introduced into stadiums regarding standing. 

Some of the world’s greatest players have played at this stadium including Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona, which is just another reason why the Camp Nou stadium is one of the best stadiums in the world. 

  1. The Allianz Arena (Germany)

The exquisitely constructed Allianz Arena is home to two football teams: 1860 Munich and Bayern Munich. It is the only football stadium in Europe that can change colours to indicate which teams are playing.

The Allianz Arena is one of the most popular stadiums in the world. One of the main reasons for its popularity is because football fans can get close to the pitch, something which they are unable to do in most other stadiums around the world.  

  1. Santiago Bernabeu (Madrid, Spain)

Home to one of Europe’s most successful football clubs, Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu was first opened in 1947. Since then, this amazing stadium has undergone two renovations to match the ambitions of the Galacticos.

Over the years, Santiago Bernabeu has been home to some of the world’s best footballers, including Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ferenc Puskas. Not only that, but the world’s most expensive player, Gareth Bale, also recently moved to the stadium, reaffirming just how amazing this stadium is.

While this stadium may not be as large as Camp Nou, it has always been a popular choice for hosting major football events, and due to its qualities and history, it is likely to continue to host these events in the future.  

  1. La Bombonera (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

La Bombonera is the smallest stadium on our list, with a capacity of just 49,000, but it is well worth talking about. One side of the stadium is smaller and vertical, and the other three sides sweep around in a curve. 

From wooden seats to rugged concrete blocks, it is a no-frills affair, and the ground literally shakes when fans start to bounce. But do not let this put you off, the atmosphere in this stadium is out of this world. In fact, most other stadiums do not even come close to achieving an atmosphere like the one you can enjoy at La Bombonera. This means that any fans who visit this stadium will not need to find ways to entertain themselves during half-time e.g., playing on the best slots sites on their mobile phones. 

While this may be true, many fans still enjoy playing slot games during half time. If you like the idea of making half-time at the stadium more interesting, why not look for the best slots online? Online Casinos not only have a list of some of the best slots for you to choose from, but they also have a range of articles that will help you to stay safe online. 

  1. San Siro (Milan, Italy)

If we are discussing the nicest stadiums in the world or the most luxurious stadiums, San Siro does not come close. However, if we are discussing the utterly terrifying, daunting, and intimidating stadiums in the world, then San Siro gets first place. 

San Siro might well be one of the most threatening buildings you have ever come across in your life. With its spiralling walkways and iconic red roof frames, the whole building looks like a piece of a spaceship that has crashed landed in a Milanese suburb. 

As an experience for watching a game of football, its aura of history and pure drama are palpable. However, you have not got long to visit this amazing stadium, as it is due to be torn down very soon. It is going to be replaced with a safe and sanitised new build. So, make sure you book your trip to this amazing stadium before the diggers move in. 

  1. The Maracanã (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The Maracanã stadium is in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. During the 1950 World Cup, this amazing stadium reached a capacity of over 199,854 fans. However, the capacity of this stadium has now decreased thanks to new laws being put in place. While this may be true, the Maracanã still has a capacity of nearly 79,000.

Football stadiums around the world invest huge amounts of money into their grounds resulting in stadiums that are fit to help the best teams to reach their maximum potential. A range of factors makes a football stadium great. The attendance and the size, the atmosphere, the shapes, and the aesthetic appeal that leave football fans all over the world in awe of their beauty. The ability to attract fans from all areas of the globe is another huge contributing factor to a great stadium. From Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain to Wembley Stadium in London, England, there are certainly a lot of amazing stadiums to choose from. Which one is your favourite? 

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