The Top 5 Platforms For Marketing To Millennials And Gen Z

The Top 5 Platforms For Marketing To Millennials And Gen Z

Did you know that Gen-Z spends 3 hours on social media each day? Millennials are close behind, as they spend approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes on social media daily.

It’s impossible to ignore the role that social media plays in the lives of younger generations.

By not utilizing the power of social media, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to market to younger generations. But which apps are your best bet?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below for the five best apps for marketing to Millennials and Gen-Z.

1. Instagram

Instagram is your best bet if you’re marketing to Millennials and the Gen-Z generation at once. It appeals to both groups, as it makes post-sharing and private messaging easy.

For brands, it allows for seamless marketing. You can promote flash sales with the Instagram Stories feature, upload video advertisements with the Instagram Reels feature, and allow for instant purchases with Instagram Shopping and the use of product tags.

Instagram is really ideal for businesses marketing tangible products. It makes it easy to build an aesthetic brand image and promote your products on a platform that centers around relatability. 

2. TikTok

TikTok has become a Gen-Z staple, and its popularity doesn’t appear to be fading anytime soon.

TikTok allows users to create videos up to 60 seconds long, using a variety of filters and effects. It’s the perfect platform to create short-form content, whether it’s comedic or informational.

TikTok allows users to scroll endlessly, which makes it easy to get sucked into a media binge. It also makes it the perfect place to market products by using TikTok ads.

Along with using traditional paid ads, you can also use TikTok by joining hashtag challenges, dueting with other TikTok users, and collaborating with big TikTok influencers.

3. Twitter

Twitter appeals more to the intersection between the Millenial and Gen-Z generations. If your brand puts a higher focus on bite-sized info rather than product images, it’s the perfect platform for marketing.

 Besides, Twitter has many other useful features such as making threads which are the ultimate expression of shared thought on the platform. With threads, your Twitter community can easily follow along with the conversation. It’s a good way to expand on a conversation and it can also help get older tweets noticed if you create a thread out of one when some time passes. This will make the lifespan of the tweets longer, so it is important to master the art of threads for maximum engagement. What can give you additional engagement is scheduling your tweets, however, Twitter doesn’t give you the opportunity to schedule threads. This is when Twitter automation tools like Buffer and Hypefury come in hand. With an easy tutorial, you can schedule your threads to be posted when you feel they might have the most impact.

Twitter is great if you want to have more one-on-one contact with your target demographic. Twitter polls and conversations give you the ability to engage your audience. Of course, Twitter also gives you the ability to promote tweets. 

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is still a highly popular app that young generations use to communicate. However, it also has the Instagram Story feature, which can be used by brands to post skits and advertisements.

It is a great app to use if you want to humanize your brand. You’re able to create more authentic, casual content through your snaps and stories.

5. YouTube

90% of Americans aged 18-24 use YouTube. However, YouTube is used by more than just vloggers and influencers.

Plenty of YouTube channels focus on skill-sharing and informational videos. If your brand has info to offer, use informational videos to market your products.

Of course, there’s also the option to promote your brand with traditional YouTube ads that play before and throughout qualifying videos. A collaboration with a big influencer is another great way to show off your products to younger generations.

Making Marketing to Millennials and Gen-Z Easy

Marketing to Millennials and Gen-Z is much like marketing to any other demographic. All it takes is some background knowledge on their favorite apps, and you’ll have no trouble creating killer marketing campaigns.

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