The Top 10 Boho Lightroom Presets

Boho fashion has become increasingly popular over the years. Now seen as a classic, carefree aesthetic, it’s not surprising that many have flocked to these presets!

Today we will explain precisely what the “boho” look is, how it works in presets, and the top 10 boho presets around!

What Is The “Boho” Look?

“Boho” is an abbreviation of “Bohemian.” Bohemian is the name for those from Bohemia (now known as the western part of the Czech Republic). The Bohemians lived as wanderers’ and lived a life of music, art, literature, and spiritual pursuits. 

American and British culture embraced this “free spirit” nature through the 1960s hippies. These were people who cared for the environment. 

The classic Bohemian style of long flowing dresses and skirts paired with a light blouse was a common sight. You can also expect fringed handbags, flat sandals, and anything that subtly enhances movement. Although the textures are light, you can expect color and layers.

The boho looks we know today took hold in the 2000s. Instead of wearing the Bohemian style from head to toe, celebrities took parts of the aesthetic and mixed it with other trends. 

The concept of “boho” now comes down to the atmosphere. The flowing dresses and dancing fringes still give us the essence of Bohemia, but it’s all about the free spirit.

What Is A Boho Lightroom Preset? 

There are multiple types of boho presets, but they all come down to these key features; vintage colors, warm lights, artistic ambiance, carefree atmosphere.

The carefree atmosphere has to be created by the people in the photo, but everything else can be formed through a good boho preset.

We suggest using these presets for weddings, vintage aesthetics, camping adventures, and nostalgia creations. The warm and soft tones are perfect for creating a realistic dream-like visual, where anything is possible but everything is too far away. 

These presets are specifically designed to bring out the eccentric nature of an image and the charm that comes along with it. 

The Top 10 Boho Lightroom Presets

So now you know what a boho preset is and what you can expect from one, we want to show you the 10 best boho lightroom presets on the market!

  1. KIIN

KIIN’s boho preset works on iOS and Android, and it can also be used with or without an adobe subscription. This means anyone can pick up the preset without worry.

The colors are rustic, perfect for nature-based photos.

  1. Moody Flourish Preset

This collection by Flourish Preset is fantastic at lifting a photo that is way too dark. It keeps the photo’s original aesthetic Bohemian due to the highlight balance. That way, the carefree aesthetic remains despite the added light.

  1. PHLearn

If you were hoping for more beach vibes than forest vibes, then PHLearn’s preset should be your pick. It can lighten the photos to create a dreamy image of easy life in the sun.

  1. Boho Dreams

Boho Dreams helps your photos look professional, and they can do it in just a few clicks. The images make wood colors pop while allowing whites to seem fluffy. 

  1. Boho Chic

Boho Chic is designed for bloggers who don’t have a lot of preset experience. Adjusting the settings is easy, and the results are magical.

  1. Bohemian Light

If you want your bohemian look to feel more chic than rustic, then choose Bohemian Light. Their preset makes your images feel airy and light, which works well with fashion shoots or clothes-focused photos.

  1. Bohemian Vibes

If you are hoping for a professional preset aimed at bloggers, then Bohemian Vibes should be your number one choice. It is perfect for Instagram users and helps create a fun yet calming vibe.

  1. Boho Wedding

Unlike the others on this, Boho Wedding aims for vintage over warmth. If you were hoping for a preset that puts you back in time, then Boho Wedding is the perfect match. It has a vintage copper filter for an authentic feeling.

  1. Bohemian Soul

If you want a fast preset that allows you to adjust the colors and lighting without adding in more darkness, then Bohemian Soul should be your choice. You don’t need Adobe to make it work, and the dreamy distant feeling will remain.

  1. Boho Tones

If you want the richness of darker colors in your preset, then use Boho Tones. This preset doesn’t shy away from the contrasts of light and dark, and it can add in more warmth and sharpness with its filters.


Each of these presets can give you fantastic boho looks, but depending on your style and aims, you may have to try them all to find the perfect match.