The Three Fastest-Growing Online Casino Markets

It’s no secret that the online casino industry is quickly taking over the world. Just 20 years ago, if you wanted to play casino, you had no other option than to travel to a land-based one. Now, there are thousands of casino options available to players at the click of a button. 

Just exactly what’s available depends on the market, and there are still some countries in the world that don’t have access to online casinos. Even those that do may have limited numbers of games or bonuses, depending on the local laws. 

In this article, The guys at look at the fastest-growing online casino markets in the world. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the growth of casinos in particular countries. 

The United States

The US has had online slots for a while, but they have always been free to play. Many Americans enjoy online casino games as a hobby, like any other kind of gaming. There’s no money spent and no risk involved. The lack of real-money casinos was because of strict laws in the US around online gambling.

However, things have changed. As of 2021, there are now six US states that have legalized online gambling. These include New Jersey, Delaware, and West Virgina. This has resulted in a huge number of popular online casinos now accepting American players, and because it’s new, it’s a novelty. It’s estimated that the US market will be worth tens of billions in the coming years. 


Online casino is extremely popular in Finland. In fact, Finnish casino news sites are reporting record numbers year on year.  This is likely down to the lack of regulation in Finland when it comes to online gambling. Because it doesn’t have strict laws, it means that online casinos can reward the biggest, best, and most attractive bonuses.

The average salaries are also high in certain areas of Finland, and the country has a lot of wealthy people. Good offers, high salaries, and plenty of disposable income mean that the Finnish casino market will continue to grow. Most of the online casinos that accept Finnish players are licensed in Malta or Curacao, there are actually no Finnish-licensed online brands.


Japan is known for being at the forefront of all things technology, but it’s been slow in its adaptation of online gambling. Similar to the US, this is down to strict laws and regulations around casinos that made it unavailable to players in the country. However, these have recently been reviewed and lightened, and so the Japanese market is growing at a rapid rate.

The Japanese online casino market is expected to become one of the biggest in the world within just a couple of years. This is down to more brands launching in the country, a large population, and good levels of wealth. It has some work to do in order to compete with some of the biggest European markets like Finland, but it’s getting there.