This street-legal vehicle transforms into a high-speed airplane in under 3 minutes.

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Piyankara Ganegoda
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Can you believe a sports car transforms into a high-speed airplane, and then transforms back into a sports car after the flight? Yeah, it came to the reality with Samson Sky. They have created a street-legal vehicle that can transform into a high-speed airplane just in 3 minutes. You can just drive your car to the airport, and take off from there. It has only three wheels. 

It’s called Switchblade. When you reach the airport, its wings swing out and its tail extends. Let’s Explore more about this dream-like vehicle.

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Switchblade in The Sports Car Mode
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Minnesota has passed a bill allowing roadable aircraft such as switchblades to use state roads and highways. This legislative improvement is a huge support for roadable aircraft manufacturer companies like Samson Sky, who made the Switchblade. Even though, these vehicles can operate as airplanes and cars, it is prohibited to take off and landing on public roads unless there is an emergency. You need to have a driving licence to drive it on public roads. Addition to that, you need a private pilot license to fly it from an airport.

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Switchblade With Its Wings Out
Image source: Startup Selfie

Various Models

It has various models starting from $170,000. Switchbalde can carry two passengers. It has mainly three models; standard switchblade, switchblade special and switchblade limited edition. Limited edition has only custom-made vehicles. It offers luxurious interior choices like rare leather, woods and precious gems.