The Single Most Important Tool for Managing Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is becoming an increasingly significant issue for many companies. Although not too many companies have reported having significant ransomware infections, the number is certainly rising, and many companies have at least had a brush with ransomware at some point. If you’re looking to avoid ransomware issues in your company, there are many potential tools. However, Veeam Object Lock could be the single most important tool to keep your company safe. Here are the four reasons to look into Object Lock for your ransomware solutions.

1. An Air Gap With No Physical Air

An “air gap” backup, traditionally, is a backup that is written to tapes, then physically removed from the premises. This creates a literal physical gap between the tapes and the network. Object Lock, however, writes everything to the cloud using a Write Once, Read Many model. This essentially gives it an “air gap” that doesn’t have to utilize physical tapes or a physical place to store it.

2. Regular Creation of Backups

One of the benefits of Object Lock is that it’s easy to create backups on a regular basis. Backups decrease in usefulness the longer it’s been since you backed up your data. You will likely want to back up your network at least once a week and possibly more frequently if you’re working on an important project. Object Lock allows you to create new backups regularly.

3. Accessible at a Moment’s Notice

The moment your company falls victim to a ransomware attack, you’ll need to think about your path forward. One of the most important things you’ll need to do is completely wipe your computers, which may require an expert’s help, but then, you’ll need to reinstall your information from your backup. Object Lock makes it possible for you to take your information and reinstall it very quickly.

4. Simple to Set Up and Execute

You don’t want to spend a lot of time dealing with the process of managing ransomware. Especially if you haven’t actually experienced a ransomware attack yet, it can be frustrating and pretty annoying to sink a lot of time and energy into a prevention feature. That’s why Object Lock does its best to be as easy to set up as possible. If you need to defend against the possibility of future ransomware attacks, it’s harder to find a solution that’s easier and more effective than Object Lock.


When you’re preparing for ransomware, focusing on prevention is definitely helpful, but at some point, you may end up dealing with a ransomware attack anyway. At this point, your best option will always be to have a backup that’s easy to utilize and cannot be overwritten by the ransomware software. Because of the Write Once, Read Many model and the simplicity of the feature, Veeam Object Lock is a great tool to defend against these types of issues. You can start looking into Object Lock today to defend against any and all future ransomware attacks.