If you love to hit the outdoors frequently, you must already know how easily last-minute preparations can ruin an otherwise amazing trip. 

It’s not unusual to embark on a camping trip and forget to carry essential supplies. While there’s usually the option of purchasing these items once you get to your travel destination, the whole shopping process can prove agonizingly tedious. That’s especially if it was unplanned (as is often the case). 

Fortunately, there’s the more convenient option of having an active outdoor subscription box. 

But just what is a subscription box, and what benefits do these services have for adventure-seeking outdoor lovers? 

That question shall be the focus of this article.

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What Is A Subscription Box? 

A subscription box is a service whereby subscribing clients receive auto-shipped products regularly. Borrowing from this definition, a camping subscription box is a service that allows campers or other outdoor lovers to get their hands on items required to make their adventures successful. 

Camping subscription boxes differ considerably in terms of the specific items in each package. Nearly all boxes include basic outdoor supplies. However, some companies offer additional customization services where their clients can call in and pre-select the items they want to be included on the next shipping date. 

Most camping subscription boxes ship monthly. But this also depends on client preferences. And as you might expect, subscription costs vary primarily based on the items in the package and the shipment period.

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What Are The Types Of Outdoor Subscription Boxes?

By now, you already know that camping subscription boxes are one of the common outdoor subscription boxes. You also understand that a camping box subscription naturally includes the items crucial to the success of a camping trip

However, there are several other types of outdoor subscription boxes. These include snack box subscriptions and survival subscription boxes. The names resonate with the specific outdoor essentials each service deals in. 

But perhaps the key takeaway is the significance of establishing where to purchase an outdoor subscription box. While many companies offer outdoor subscription boxes, not all live up to their claim. So, it’s imperative to conduct your due diligence before honing in on an outdoor box subscription service provider. 

Carnivore Club has become a household name in the snack subscription box sector. The company is dedicated to ensuring its clients never run out of yummy, nutritious snacks while camping. 

Each Carnivore Club snack box includes 4 – 6 handcrafted cured meat snacks, such as meat sticks, jerky, and biltong. These delicious snacks are delivered FREE of charge to your doorstep on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual basis. 

When it comes to survival subscription boxes, your best bet is to consider a reputable company like Crate Club. Crate Club’s survival gear comes with clear pictures and specifications, and applications for every item. This provides invaluable insights into the tools in each package. 

Both Carnivore Club and Crate Club offer outdoor supplies that might prove useful for a regular camper. But if you want products specifically curated for your camping needs, you won’t go wrong with BattlBox. From hand-selected camping gear to everyday carry (EDC) tools.

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Why Would You Need A Camping Subscription Box?

Camping subscription boxes offer more or less similar benefits as regular box subscriptions. Below are the top reasons to purchase these services;

  1. Incredible Convenience 

Outdoor subscription boxes allow you to embark on any camping trip without subjecting yourself to the rigor of shopping for the necessary supplies. 

Not only does this eliminate the possibility of forgetting necessary camping gear. It also saves you a great deal of time which you can then invest in other equally-demanding tasks, such as planning your camping itinerary.

  1. Hand-picked Items 

Many outdoor subscription boxes let you hand-pick your camping supplies based on your preferences. Whether planning a camp-out in the woods or by the beach, you’ll find something that works for you. 

The flexibility to hand-pick your supplies saves you the agony of getting bombarded with generic products each time. Besides, many reputable outdoor box subscription companies update their catalogs regularly to unveil new items.

  1. Product Variety 

There are tons of products required to make an ordinary camp-out an experience to relish forever. One of the best ways to get your hands on these items is by signing up for a camping box subscription.

  1. Value for Money 

It might seem more affordable to buy outdoor essentials individually than order them in bulk through a subscription box. But as you shall find, camping subscription packages are more cost-effective in the long run. 

What makes outdoor subscription boxes relatively affordable is that they’re usually discounted since you’re buying in bulk. You also save on transportation and other associated costs of shopping for camping gear one by one.

  1. A Polite Reminder to Go Camping

You may be a frequent camper with a fixed vacation routine. However, there comes a time when you simply cannot keep track of your holiday seasons. 

Having a camping subscription box shipped to you can serve as a polite reminder that it’s time to hit the outdoors.

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Final Word

There’s more than enough reason to have an active camping subscription box. But as you look for these services, insist on a credible company with a decent reputation and overwhelmingly positive feedback from its past clients.

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