The Secrets to Successful Marketing in the Gaming Industry

As the gaming industry has evolved into a total powerhouse, its marketing strategies have become great examples for other businesses to follow

By now it’s clear that we are in a full swing digital era where the most popular industries are those that serve virtual customers.

Among these is the world of gaming in which recent technological trends such as 5G and virtual reality, among others, have enabled the sector to experience an unprecedented amount of growth. With this rise in usership comes a need for the most efficient marketing tactics and strategies that elevate a gaming brand’s visibility, maximizing revenue opportunities in the process.

Here are a few of the ways that today’s industry playmakers are breaking new grounds in marketing and contributing to the growth of this billion-dollar business sector.

Leveraging Social Media Influencers  

Influencers are undoubtedly the new catalysts for “word of mouth” marketing. Their hold over social media creates organic conversations between members of the target audience and naturally turns potential customers into happy buyers. Check GIO number.

When it comes to the gaming industry, influencers are most popular on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or Steam where they live stream their gameplay for fans. This allows big names in the gaming world to find them with ease and leverage their influence for market growth, especially before the launch of a new product.

Just take one of the fastest selling consoles and one of the most popular home gaming systems of all time for example. Both Nintendo and Sony used social media influencers to promote their devices by sending them free PS4s and Switches to play on, and they posted their experiences for all to see. This strategy is one that is utilized everyday and continues to garner real results.

Meeting the Target Audience with Fresh Approaches

Another way that gaming companies market their product is by revamping their image through multi-channel marketing campaigns. With so many options out there, the modern user needs to understand why they should keep coming back to one specific console, platform, or title. These strategies not only excite existing customers, but also forge new communities. Last year was full of different well-established gaming brands undergoing a fresh look and feel.

2020 saw PokerStars launch a brand new approach entitled “I’M IN” which aimed to bring like-minded players together within one safe and entertaining environment. There was also Tencent Games, which unveiled a full rebrand that focused on visual design as it became clear they needed to appeal to global customers across the board.

Although these are only a few examples, a gaming brand’s choice to strategically amp up one aspect or an entire part of their company is a bold yet necessary decision that often has long-term benefits.

An influencer’s power in the world of gaming marketing is invaluable

Providing a Sample Product or Free Trial

Influencers aren’t the only ones that are often enabled to try out games before they decide to purchase them. In the same way that Netflix offers a free trial period for new viewers, many gaming companies are now allowing players to test their titles so they know what to expect before diving in.

Similarly, Twitch’s partnership with Amazon Gaming means that users automatically have access to a 30-day free trial period of Twitch Prime that unlocks streaming opportunities and a variety of gaming content. This means you can chat with friends, record and broadcast your own gameplay, or view Esports competitions at no cost. Because it’s connected to Amazon, benefits associated with Prime are also available.

Just like with other popular streaming services, at the end of the month, the user can cancel the subscription for no fee or begin their Twitch journey as they please. Sample periods are becoming more and more popular in the gaming world as interested customers want an insider look at what they may be signing up for before fully committing.

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