The Psychology behind ASMR videos

ASMR is a sensation that brings in the sense of Goosebumps in response to specific audio or visual stimuli. 

According to Nick Davis,

ASMR is a sensory phenomenon that describes pleasurable tingling sensations on the scalp and neck in response to particular auditory and visual “triggers.”

Nick Davis

He found this concept in 2007 through a discussion forum for health-related topics.

Psychology behind ASMR 

Most authors of literature and psychology have suggested many theories. The primary theory is that individuals eligible to experience the effects of ASMR possess a greater level of neuroticism. Neuroticism, a personality stage, is specifically stepping towards negative feelings, attitudes, and depression.

This theory hasn’t been proven through science or documentaries. But it has been confirmed through the sharing of experiences of some individuals.

Imagine when you are seated in a quiet place. Your mind roams around negative feelings and events regarding your lonely life. When a person behind you starts tapping their pens on the table or takes a bite of an apple, those audio visuals provide a sense of freedom from loneliness.

The trigger made in the brain due to the audio and the video visuals relaxes the brain, which is negatively affected by stress or anxiety. This explains the theory of psychology behind ASMR.

The connection between ASMR and intelligence

ASMR has also been researched to cure ADHD and support autistic individuals. It has been examined that the meditation and mental relaxation obtained through ASMR brings attention and concentration to focus more. Along with that, the support rendered through reducing stress and anxiety would strengthen the emotional self-regulation of many, to boost concentration constantly.

An ASMR of writing will support a child or an adult who finds it hard to hold a pencil and write. The pencil movements would train them, and the audio would boost and encourage their brain to try it out. This is how ASMR works.

Psychological benefits of ASMR

These are some of the psychological benefits of ASMR:

credits: Healthline

Stress and Anxiety Relief

The vibrations of the audio and the melancholic movements would distract the individuals from stress and anxiety, since they tend to focus more on the slightest thing they watch or hear due to their mind’s forceful manner in search of distraction.


Watching an ASMR of a head massage or a simple wood-cutting video would relax your mind and let your brain rest after a hectic day.


As mentioned previously, an ASMR for writing a note would boost the progress of an individual who struggles with writing.

Boosts sleep

An ASMR of mixing paint and cutting fruits would induce sleep faster than reading a book or listening to music before falling asleep.

Relives pain

ASMR’s level of distraction is higher than any other source of distraction. It will provide you with instant and long-lasting relief from pain.

Prevents Loneliness

Some researchers have revealed that the ASMR of animals, plants, or any other natural body prevents loneliness to the exact rate of prevention obtained through communication with another person.

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Negative causes of ASMR

The causes of ASMR vary from person to person, depending on the reason. It has both positive and negative causes.

Some of its negative effects are:

  • Addiction
  • Loss of self-awareness
  • Loss of genuine talent and skills

Therefore, although ASMR has to be appreciated for its creativity, skills in demand, and benefits, it always depends on the person who utilizes it. If it is being used positively, you will reap the benefits. If you lack self-awareness and high addiction, you are trapped.


What does it mean to do ASMR?

Audio and video stimuli provide a sensational reflective feeling to one’s mind.

Why is ASMR popular?

Since it is one of the discoveries which made a simple activity trend on social media platforms, along with it being named as a source of reduced heart and health issues.

Is ASMR good for your brain?

ASMR provokes your brain to focus, relax and then boost sleep.

Is ASMR good for kids?

Although digital ASMR brings in addiction, natural ASMR benefits kids a lot.