In the casino, the payout percentage is covered with a veil of secrecy, which is disclosed to the player only as the problem arrives. What is the algorithm and how to calculate the payout percentage in the slot machines? Read on.

Methods for calculating the return rates in the slot machines

An undoubted advantage of casinos is that rules are “spread out” – understandable and available to the user. With slot machines, however, everything is not so simple – after all, the player does not initially know how the slot machine is structured and programmed. All of them are equipped with microprocessors and generators of random digital combinations. And in the theoretical sense, it is unreal to understand the percentage of winnings.

Any slot machine is essentially a reel that rotates in video format or actually. When the payback on a slot is low, there can be inaccuracies on it. This happens more often on video poker slots. That’s why casinos keep the exact probability percentages of winning combinations a special secret.

Is it possible to get the information to analyze the slot?

With 100% probability, we can say for sure that it is impossible to get them from the operators of the hall – they keep this information under seven seals of secrecy, they are forbidden to disclose it.

Mathematician Michael Shackleford managed to get the instructions for the slots. He managed to get them from the manufacturers of slots. But these instructions prescribed data on the different percentage payouts, and they did not coincide with the issuance of the machines in reality.

Getting to the bottom of this issue requires time-consuming and serious research. The instructions don’t tell you which machine it’s for and which casino it’s in. But Shackford did get to the bottom of it. He was able to apply the instructions to a multi-line video machine – the mathematician calculated combinations of signs that lowered the odds.

He drew a chart of his findings on a map and compared them with all the casinos he played. That’s how he was able to find the exact amount of the payout percentage.

It took Michael Shackleford a long time to do this research. He wanted to create an all-encompassing sample that would answer all questions about slot machine gambling. To do this, he visited numerous gambling establishments where he played and studied strategies, recording what he learned and studying more and more machines.

He only studied video slot machines, where the minimum value was set at a rate of 5 cents. Most players believe that the higher the minimum wage, the higher the percentage of payout the machine will be. With a rate higher than 5 cents Michael did not explore the machines. Now gambling fans have several strategies for winning bets, but the mathematician did not consider them in his study.

There has long been a rumor among gamblers that slot machines standing in certain areas of the room have a higher payout percentage. But this has not been proven and remained just a rumor. According to the study of mathematics, this is just a myth. In fact, the machines installed near the wall are no different from those located in the middle of the gaming area. Nor is there any correlation with how close they stand to the main entrance and other nuances.

He was able to figure out that certain casinos alternate between unscrewed and underscrewed machines. But, there is good news. Most gaming establishments set the same payout systems. The percentages on all types of machines are almost the same.

Slot machines – myths and truth

Myth. It is believed that slots are coded to give out a fixed percentage. The jackpot will no longer fall out if the machine has given it out once. And vice versa, if it hasn’t been there for a long time, you should expect it soon.

True. The result of the game is generated randomly. Regardless of the number of spins, the odds remain at the same level. But, in England, there are Fruit Machines slots that are guaranteed to give out a minimum amount for a certain amount of time that the player has spent at the slot.

Myth. If the coins lie inside the machine for a long time, they heat up and the machine gives them away.

Truth. This factor has no effect on the time range of the issuance of the winnings.

Myth. Club cardholders have less chance of winning.

Truth. The program that regulates the stopping of the reel is in no way related to the cards.

And another assumption is that casinos program the machines on the weekend for a smaller payout.

Good to know

The percentage of return is changed by the specialist. To do this, he opens the machine and replaces the permanent memory chip, which stores all the information (EPROM).

The possibility of theoretical return and the data processing of the dispenser is calculated with a special chip. Gambling regulators require gambling houses to have access to this information.

On all gaming slots, including those that operate in online mode like at the n1casino website, there are random number generators, which regulate the place of stopping the reels. That is, millions of number combinations are scrolled per second. At the time the “Spin” button is pressed, the outcome of the game is already combined. That is, pressing the button has no effect on the outcome of the game.

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