Scrabble Rules:

When playing Scrabble word finder, 2 to 4 players have played at the same time. When playing, the goal is to score more points than some other members. Points are obtained as words are put on the game board, and then each letters used throughout the game has a particular point value. The key strategy is to play words with the maximum possible score dependent on the combinations of let, letters.

The Board of Scrabble:

A traditional Scrabble board is made up of cells organized in a wide square grid. There are 15 cells higher and 15 cells wide on the floor. The game’s tiles would fit into any cell on the board.

Scrabble Tiles:

The game is played with 100 tiles, with 98 of them containing letters and point values. There are two blank tiles that can be used to replace any letter as wild tiles. When a blank is used to replace a letter, it will stay in the game like the letter it replaced.

Tile Values:

Each letter in a Scrabble game has a different point value.

  • Blank tile – 0 Points.
  • A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T and U letters contain score – 1 Point.
  • D and G letters contain score – 2 Points.
  • B, C, M and P letters contain score – 3 Points.
  • F, H, V, W and Y letters contain score – 4 Points.
  • K letter contain score -5 Points.
  • J and X letters contain score – 8 Points.
  • Q and Z letters contain score – 10 Points.

How to Play Scrabble?

  1. The first player creates a word out of two or three of his or her characters and writes it on the boards to read across or down, including one letter in the middle square.
  2. Finish your turned by counting down and declaring your ranking. Then draw as many new words as you started playing; as long there are still enough tiles left in the bag, keep 7 letters on your rack at all times.
  3. The ball is passed to the left. The second person, and then each subsequent player, applies one or more letters to the characters previously played to create new words. On each turn, all letters must be grouped in a single row across or down the paper, creating at least one full word.
  4. When a tile was being played and scored, it cannot be moved or substituted.
  5. The two blank tiles can be used to form any letter. You must mention which letter a blank represents when performing it. The letter stays the same for the rest of the tournament.
  6. Before the next player begins their turn, every play will be contested. If the challenged play is unreasonable, the challenged player relinquishes his or her tiles and forfeits the turn. If the disputed play is appropriate, the challenger’s next move is forfeited. Just use the dictionary to address questions.
  7. All of the words used in a single play are questioned at the same time. If a single word is offensive, the whole play is offensive. On every obstacle, only one turn is missed.
  8. When all letters are being drawn and one player has used his or her last letter, the game is over; or when all practicable plays have been made.