Which are the new 3 CCNP certified exams and how to crack them?

The current era is the grand era of Information Technology. With the massive digitalization drive, especially during the pandemic 2020, the demand for IT professionals with specializations in different aspects has been sky-high. If you are also aiming to build a career in IT, then this is the time. As you know, the virtual platform is presently the chief platform for every possible interaction, communication, and business. CCNP certification is, thus, the golden key that can open the door to a wide range of professional opportunities. 

Importance of the certificate

Being a budding IT student, you must be keen to know about the importance of the CCNP certificate. The Cisco Certified Network Professional Certificate is a precious one as it validates your capability of implementing and troubleshooting both the WAN and LAN networks. You will also gain recognition as a professional suitable for collaborating with specialists on topics including advanced security, video solutions, wireless, and voice. 

The other advantages include

  • High job availability as IT managers, network engineer, computer system and network administrator, computers and information systems manager, and many more.
  • The single certification will provide you with an array of opportunities and make your potential for earning a high salary. 
  • When you hold a certificate from the most reputed authority like Cisco, it is the best proof of your knowledge and skills in computer networking. 

It is time to learn about the latest changes in the exam pattern.

New exam system

The CCNP certification includes three exams:

  1. 300-101 ROUTE Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE)
  2. 300-115 SWITCH Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH)
  3. 300-135 TSHOOT Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT)

The CCNP Security certification is the Professional Level Cisco certification in the individual networking domains. If you aim to become a CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professional, you will be one level above the CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate. The primary difference between the two lies in the depth of the knowledge and also the logic of the network concepts of a CCNA.

Smart tips for exam preparation

  • Perception is important

CCNP Security demands comprehensive knowledge of what you learned, mostly to clear the exam of CCNA. It is also why you need to clear the CCNA to become eligible for the CCNP Security exam. CCNA certification is the true logical foundation to understand CCNP properly. You have to work on the same topics as CCNA, but this time, you have to perceive the intricacies. So make sure that you perceive CCNA confidently. You should understand each topic of CCNA thoroughly before planning to attempt CCNP.

  • Deciding on the first exam

As you are already aware of the new CCNP program, you should also know that Cisco is providing you with the liberty to choose the order of examinations. You can take the ROUTE and SWITCH exams in your preferred order while attempting the TSHOOT at the end. Ensure that the first examination that you take is the paper about which you are the most confident. Careless mistakes owing to nervousness are the reasons for the failure of maximum candidates. If you clear the exam on the first attempt, it will boost morale. 

  • Practical experience

After passing the CCNA certification, you must be feeling that practical knowledge is somewhat essential to prepare yourself for the bigger leap. Even Cisco recommends a practical exposure of a minimum of one to three years before you attempt the CCNP security exam. The hands-on experience in handling all the Cisco CCNP Security devices will play a significant role in understanding the intricacies of CCNP course materials. 

  • Widen the study resources

To crack the CCNP exam, Cisco Press Books are undoubtedly the best resources. But are they sufficient? No, they aren’t, as you need to update the current knowledge base by reading the Cisco blogs and participating in online forums to solve queries. Online videos can inform you about advanced happenings. Practice tests available online are the best way to prepare and be confident. It is essential to understand how to manage time and pressure. 

Now that you know the smart tips and also the benefits of obtaining the certification, it’s time to crack the CCNP exams at the first attempt. Make your place in the world of computer networking. 

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