The Nasty 7: What Are the Germiest Places in Your Home

You’ll be surprised to know about the spots where germs and bacteria are lurking inside your house. What’s even more exciting and, at the same time, alarming is that these are the same places where we go and work every day. Before jumping into cleaning, you need to decide what those breeding grounds of germs in your home. So, in this article, I have tried to figure out the seven germiest places in your home. I assure that you’ll be surprised by the list. 


I think the first entry won’t come as a surprise for anyone. Let’s face it; this is the space where you get your body clean and scrub off the germs. So, the bathroom is bound to be the germiest place in your home. Moreover, it remains humid most of the time, further ensuring easier breeding of germs. Every spot, including your sink, toilet, bathtub, towels, toothbrush, and even faucet heads, is a potential germ buildup spot. 


Another common germy place on the list is in the kitchen. I know it’s a grave concern, but germs are lurking right now where we prepare our foods. Typically, places that see a lot of water usage tend to be the breeding ground for germs. As the kitchen has a lot of water usage, germs can grow quickly, especially in the kitchen sink, countertop and dish sponges. It’s not that hard to believe since you clean the dishes and raw food items at these spots. Moreover, you can also visit website to know more about new tips and tricks.

Laundry room

You clean your dirty clothes every day in here. What else do you expect? All the outside germs from your clothes lurk in this place. Sometimes, people have a misconception that there is nothing to worry about as the germs are not visible or smelly. That’s entirely wrong. Even visibly clean clothes can have germs and become a severe health risk.  

Kitchen appliances

Your kitchen appliances can be another potential breeding ground for germs. Let’s face it, you prepare, store and heat your food in them. All those food residues and stains can easily attract germs and bacteria. Moreover, these appliances’ humid and dark interior makes it even easier for the germs to grow. 


Now, this one might come as a surprise to many. Why there would be germs in your shiny workstation, right? Well, think about it again. You sit there every day, grab everything around, and might consume food; all these things can lead to a potential germ buildup. If you don’t wash your hands every time you sit at your workstation, germs can easily be transferred to it. 

Knobs, handles, railings, switches and remotes

I have tried to cover anything and everything that gets into regular contact with our hands in this group. We regularly touch all these spots scattered through our houses. But can you remember when was the last time you cleaned them? These constant contact from members of your family makes it a germy place. 


This is not a place; instead, it’s the beloved animals that live in your house. Of course, we love pets, and they’re a part of our family. But at the same time, these pets attract bacteria, germs and viruses like a magnet. In fact, the list of diseases transmitted from pets is endless.