The Importance of Going Green: Develop a Self-Sustainable Home

The Importance of Going Green: Develop a Self-Sustainable Home

The planet is heavily polluted. Aside from enormous factories creating pollution that suffocates the planet, every household adds more value to the global environmental problem. We waste too much electricity, drive cars emitting too much CO2, and leave the faucet on when no one’s using it, causing heavy pollution to the Earth.

Instead of being so worryless, every one should dedicate themselves to preserving the planet and helping restore its beauty. We’re all witnessing changes in the weather caused by global warming, and things will only get worse if we don’t do something about it.

In this article, we share a couple of tips about revamping your home and turning it into a self-sustainable object that will emit almost no pollution in the air and soil. Keep reading to see some of the changes you can make. We can make a difference if we all put our hands together.

Install solar power collectors on the roof

The long-lost dream of Nikola Tesla to power the entire planet with self-renewable energy might be finally coming to reality. Tesla claimed that energy should be free for everyone on Earth and that this concept is possible.

Although big corporations have wanted to profit from electricity for more than a century, they are still not giving up their idea of charging for electricity. However, everyone can install solar power collectors on the roof of their house and produce their own electricity supply.

You might ask – well, how is this important for the planet’s pollution? It is important because millions of households connected to a power plant are the reason why it will work overtime and pollute the air. Power Plants often use uranium, gas, or coal, causing heavy pollution. If we lower the electricity consumption, they’ll work and pollute less.

A solar collector on the roof will convert sunlight into electricity, thus, not demanding any electricity from the city lines, lowering your bills, and preserving nature. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Many houses overload the power grid by letting even garden lights on during the night. Place solar lights that will power when it’s day and shine when it’s night. If you think that it is too dark to go around the yard at night with them, simply get yourself a Ledlenser torch light providing flawless brightness by recharging the battery less frequently than anything else.

Buy an electric car

The world is headed in the same direction as the previous point – using renewable energy. Almost all car manufacturers are now designing e-vehicles. They don’t burn any oil and aren’t polluting the air. It’s the perfect solution for crowded and polluted cities.

Since technology is constantly moving forward, and in the near future, everyone will have their own mini solar power plant on the roof of the house, you can power the car using the same technology. Wasting zero CO2 and never relying on the city power lines.

Installing a personal well and using underground water

Estimates say that there’s way more water under the ground than on the surface. Of the total amount of water, around 0,014% goes to lakes, rivers, swamps, and similar water surfaces, while 1.74% of the entire water supply is groundwater – meaning everyone can extract it for free and use it.

Call a drilling company and ask them to create a well in your backyard. They’ll set up an entire mechanism of pumps that will provide fresh water to your household. This way, you can turn the faucet on as much as you want without worrying about polluting the planet.

Right now, to use freshwater whenever we want, giant systems must operate to provide it for us. It is the easiest way to do it, of course, but all this polluted water goes back to the planet and causes serious problems. Instead of doing this, it’s best to use our own water supply.

Even if you’re not planning to drink it, as it is most likely not the best one for refreshing, you can still use this to fill up your pool, water the garden, or wash your clothes in the washing machine. If all of us make this investment, we will significantly lower the global water pollution problem.


These simple three solutions can make such a difference. If we all join forces and do something about the problem, we don’t have to wait for governments, wealthy business people, and anyone else to do it for us.

With around 2.3 billion households, this is an enormous power we hold. Suppose everyone decides that, as of today, no one’s using electricity, water, and gas solutions provided by big plants and corporations, the planet will instantly become a better place to live in. It will be clean, healthy, and beautiful.

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