The importance of followers on Instagram

Instagram is growing more and more as a social network . Even companies are starting to watch it carefully. 

What happened? Using Instagram since it just came out and used it doing pictures with the phone and using few, very few hashtag. In July of this year I said to myself: well since I have beautiful photos, why not try to figure out how to increase followers . There are people with photos on the verge of decency with thousands of followers. Where am I wrong?So I decided. Not knowing where and how to start, I experimented with various paths and here I will summarize the most productive ones and the experiences made. Free Instagram followers are needed to be noticed.

The choice of standard hashtags.

Hashtags are essential for being found . Instagram admits a maximum of 30 so better choose them well. There are also special apps that give you 30 of the most common hashtags. They are in English and are good for photos such as flowers, food, cloudy skies, sunsets, etc. In my case, I made a more local and more “mountainous” choice, that is, in line with my primary theme. It is important that the hashtags are not only used to describe the photo but are mainly used to make you find for that hashtag . Trivial example: if I take a photo in a small village in South Tyrol that nobody knows, it doesn’t make much sense to waste a hashtag, better to use one from a nearby but better-known country. In the latest versions of Instagram, when you type a hashtag, suggestions followed by the number of photos with that hashtag appear. It is useless to use hashtags with low numbers. Fancy or invented hashtags make #manonservonoanulla smile . Among these hashtags must not be missing those of some reposter profiles or people who take photos of others and re-post them. An example is the profile of the South Tyrol newspaper which selects the most beautiful photos. Hashtag #altoadigeweb Now we have the theme. If you want to get followers quickly, you can try to buy Instagram followers.

How is the so-called “social engagement” created?

The aim of everything is to increase followers and likes . To do this it takes a lot of work, you can be the best photographer in the world but without getting noticed you will remain in the purgatory of strangers.

Increase likes on Instagram

To increase the likes you have to get noticed, to get noticed you have to give likes.To do this there are several techniques. Do you want to have more likes? Maybe you can try to buy Instagram likes.

Search by hashtag

Open Instagram, choose a hashtag inherent to your type of images and start “likeare” all the photos that scroll with that hashtag. Remaining on the initial example, the hashtag #dolomiti shows thousands of photos of mountains. Scroll through them and put a like and so on for tens, hundreds of photos . What will happen? Who receives the like, let’s say the user @tiziocaio receives a notification .: “@pincopallino likes your photo”. (@pincopallino it is you) @tiziocaio in the vast majority of cases will click on your profile and see the related photo gallery, that is, he will see a lot of photos of mountains. At this point @tiziocaio can simply return the like on one or more of your photos or at best he will begin to follow you.The behavior of @tiziocaio depends on many factors in principle if he will like your profile and will follow you. Many reciprocate with more likes waiting for maybe you to make the first move or expect you to follow them first.