The Growth of Online Betting Sites in 2022

The sports betting industry successfully navigated the pandemic’s hard periods in 2020 and 2021. Many analysts projected a recession in the online sports betting sector as a result of the uncertainty, consumers’ proclivity to conserve money and the closure of all sports activities. 

On the contrary, the industry’s growth rate grew, and all online betting sites gained new players. Even after life returns to pre-COVID normalcy, the newcomers are likely to continue to bet and play.

Furthermore, it appears that more countries will legalize this industry. More states passed more relaxed online betting legislation in 2020 and 2021. Reaching out to punters means increasing income and, as a result, rejuvenating the sector and other related industries.

Many analysts anticipate that live broadcasting of sports will increase, and as a result, live betting markets will grow more popular. Furthermore, online betting sites will place a greater emphasis on mobile-related items, such as building native applications and upgrading mobile-friendly web-based platforms. 

Although these items are a bit costly, the current trend forces all online betting sites to invest in them.

Important Growth Trends for Online Betting Sites in 2022

Here are the important growth trends in the sports betting industry in 2022.

  1. Cryptocurrencies Are on Their Way to Replace Regular Payment Methods

The use of BTC and other currency in betting sites like XL-BET, has significantly increased in recent years. Many crypto-powered sites will see an increase in growth in 2022. A majority of online betters want to be free of government supervision when engaging in online sports betting activities. 

Online betting sites are among the world’s leading crypto miners. As a result, despite a severe internet gambling ban in some states, sports betting sites are anticipated to attract a big number of gamers!

Industry experts predict that the growing popularity of cryptocurrency in the online betting market will disrupt the betting payment sector. However, for the time being, and in the foreseeable future, traditional payment methods will predominate.

Altcoins provide gamblers with all of the benefits they want. It conceals their identity and personal information when dealing with anything sensitive like gambling. Furthermore, the fluctuating value of cryptocurrencies is causing speculators to consider diversifying their portfolios in sports betting sites.

  1. Many Sports Events

The year 2022 is jam-packed with big sporting events. The World Cup, which will go down in Qatar for the first time, is at the top of the list. Although the world cup is usually held in the summer, due to the extreme heat in Qatar, this year’s edition will be held from November 21 to December 18.

To attract additional bettors, many online betting sites will almost certainly provide special bonuses and free bets for all of these events. As a result, you can sign up with numerous bookmakers to receive various bonuses for the same event and utilize the Matched Betting technique to increase your chances of winning. 

If you prefer betting on horse races, you may do so from a variety of online betting services on the non-runners in 2022 events.

  1. More Sponsorship Deals

Most Premier League and Football League Second Division teams have currently signed sponsorship arrangements with sports betting companies.

It is obvious that sports betting organizations would be dissatisfied with this and will seek to expand into other, lesser-known leagues. These partnerships have enabled it to reach far-flung African countries that betting sites were previously uninterested in.

As a result, the competition is expected to spread to other nations and markets via sponsorship contracts for various sports federations and clubs.

  1. The Expansion of eSports Betting

Before the epidemic year, any comparison between betting on traditional sports and esports was a farce.  However, the pandemic entirely inverted the scenario, following a halt of all sporting activities. 

With people locked in their homes, gamblers had nothing to wager on except esports contests. As a result, esports gained instant prominence and became the most sought-after in all sports online betting sites. The eSports sector produced $15 billion in revenue in 2020. As a result, this trend is anticipated to continue in 2022.

  1. Provision of Live Matches

Every expert asks the same sensible inquiry. Why do sports betting sites just give betting services and not live feeds of sporting events?

The explanation you’re looking for might be that online live streaming is a franchise held by firms like ESPN. But this isn’t fully correct! Only online betting firms may secure real-time streaming rights for sports contests. These rights are not in conflict with the rights of other companies.

If the streaming service could be expanded to cover all sports or at least major league matches, it would be a fantastic offering. There are now just a few bookies who provide live streaming of non-essential tournaments.

  1. More Sports Updates for Users

One of the most intriguing free services provided by sports betting sites is sports updates. Although some bookies create sports updates emails in the form of advertisements, the usefulness of this service is not diminished. 

By 2022, sports betting sites will have expanded their surveillance of player injuries, physical fitness, and overall health and will be sending this information to players.

  1. Improving Mobile Betting Experience

Although desktop computers have been the most popular betting devices for the previous decade, consumer tastes have shifted! Most bettors nowadays prefer to place bets on the move using their smartphones and tablets. 

Smartphones and tablets allow users to take advantage of the best betting odds in real-time, rather than having to wait until they go home to open their desktop computers and wager on their favorite team.

Online betting sites appear to be prepared for this transition, having implemented responsive mobile interfaces. However, most sports bookies have yet to develop applications.


As the popularity of sports betting grows throughout the world, it is only natural for attention to be drawn to the industry’s current and future worth. As a result, more individuals are finding wagering on sporting events to be an appealing pastime. This has contributed to the industry’s significant growth in terms of revenue. However, to ensure proper safety, you should only wager at approved online betting sites.