The Gamer’s Guide to Building the Ultimate Man Cave

You’ve finally upgraded your streaming services to premium, made space for easy access to quick snacks and a good beer, and even put in the effort to install awesome home arcade cabinets. But what more can you add to your man cave that will level it up in more ways than one?

We’ve come up with some helpful ideas for you below, which can be great suggestions to keep your man cave leaderboard-worthy for its gaming purposes. We’ve also added some helpful tips for maintenance so that all you put in your treasure trove are not just safe but remain in great condition.

1.   Cleaning Up Doesn’t Hurt

Unless you have your own Alfred to pick up after things, you have to face the fact that you’re not Bruce Wayne just yet. For now, it will be completely up to you to ensure that everything in your man cave is in tip-top shape.

It will also help to involve your partner in the process.

Cleaning days should be thought of as save points where all your gadgets are properly stored, pizza crumbs on your mobius or gaming chair won’t attract any bugs, and your hardware is mostly dust-free.

Start with the most basic: make sure your man cave has its own garbage bin. Take the trash out whenever it’s needed. Replace seat covers with wipeable ones, so they’re easier to clean up.

If you plan on using the space for munching and drinking, ensure that you get to clean up a bit more frequently to avoid any insects or pests. It is nothing so tedious and grand, but it sure does wonders compared to before.

You can make this process easier by investing in smart cleaning devices like a robot vacuum or an automatic carpet cleaner.

2.   Categorize Like a Library, Curate Like a Museum

There’s something to be respected and learned from how people organize their books. You can apply this way of thinking when working on your space.

Worry not; you don’t have to be anal about it, so you can classify your collections in whatever way you like. This goes for all your consoles, games, cables and wires, and even your selection of alcohol or spirits.

You want to flex a space that draws your visitors’ eyes towards the main gems and can find easter eggs relatively easily when they come around.

Investing in spotlights for specific items installed in your room can also elevate that curated aesthetic, which is an effortless, classy upgrade.

If you’re also thinking about having a terrarium or some indoor plants in the room, ensure that they are low maintenance and have their own ample source of light as well.

3.   Connectivity Breeds Power

Thinking about going wireless? Want to upgrade to premium passes? Go ahead and do your research. A bigger challenge is being able to keep all your gadgets in sync and compatible with each other.

Upgrading to smarter gadgets should come effortlessly on your end so before you purchase anything, make sure you check if they’ll all work together seamlessly.

Sometimes, the upgrade comes in this connectivity more than actual physical renovations. These upgrades breed the ultimate gaming experience for you and those who come over.

4.   Create Spaces for Company

Thinking of finally having your Discord friends over for some IRL fun time? More so, are you planning on streaming the entire IRL meet-up?

A full gaming experience that takes friendships from the screen and puts them into the flesh is a great way to redefine connection.

Choose a corner for guests to hang out. Get a couch, bean bags, or comfortable rugs. Upgrade your cooler to an actual beverage fridge or tap. You could even go all out and actually have your own mini-bar, complete with bar stools.

You can also install a snack cabinet for chips, bar nuts, and other munchies you all can enjoy while waiting for your pizza to be delivered. Make sure that streaming things and playing together is both relaxing and fun for you and for everyone.

5.   Customize Your Territory

Do you want your cave to look like an arcade? What about a full showcase of retro to recent consoles? Do you want to merge your home theater into your gaming room? Are you thinking of getting RGB dimmable lights to match your keyboard or elegant mood lights for that cocktail bar feel?

Work your way to imagining your ideal man cave and plan how each item will be made possible. If you plan on adding more appliances and gadgets, it also doesn’t hurt to double-check your power supply needs so that everything works great and is safe.

This is your space, Mr. Bats. No one is going to talk over you and tell you you’re wrong…at least in this room. So go ahead. Create a space that is ideal for you and your friends. You do you.