Crypto has been making headlines daily with its meteoric rise in value and mainstream acceptance. While crypto is still seen as taboo by some for its wild price swings and illicit uses, crypto offers a unique opportunity to make sports betting more transparent and accessible than ever before. Crypto’s approach to monetary policy offers crypto enthusiasts the ability to take money out of the hands of centralized authorities like banks and place it directly in the pockets of crypto users.

The crypto trend is quickly moving into online gambling, with crypto casinos popping up faster than you can say Satoshi Nakamoto! Companies like BetKing are already catering to bettors looking for crypto-only betting options. With crypto, sports betting becomes borderless and frictionless.  Players can deposit and withdraw funds in a matter of minutes, protecting themselves from predatory bookmakers.

Bitcoin is not without its issues, but crypto betting offers sports bettors an unprecedented level of freedom and control rarely seen in the world of sports betting.

Crypto Betting On The Rise Now And In The Future

Cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens continue to attract crypto bettors. This is particularly true in the sports betting world, where crypto startups, like crypto casino Coinslotty, gain their places in the sun.

As we approach 2022, we can expect cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to ramp up mainstream adoption. Crypto bettors are crypto trendsetters and this technology will be the new crypto way, the future of crypto sports betting.

In a competitive sports betting market, bettors can maximize their profit by making smart bets in order to make their assets work. .

Crypto Betting Pros/Cons Compared To Fiat Sports Bookmakers

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular every single day as crypto enthusiasts are pushing digital assets to be an everyday thing. So it’s not a surprise that bitcoin sportsbooks have been on the rise as people see it as a way to transfer money easily, securely and fast. Here we’ll discuss how cryptocurrency differs from fiat sports betting and what crypto sportsbooks are out there for you to use.

The crypto pros/cons compared to fiat sports bookmakers are as follows: crypto is decentralized, it has low fees, is fast, anonymous and cannot be reversed or refunded if chosen by the sender. Crypto payments can take up to 15 minutes (faster than bank transfers) to reach the sportsbook. The cryptocurrency fees can range from 1-2% which is way less than credit card and debit card fees (3%+). It also has multiple outgoing and incoming payment options. Fiat sports books, on the other hand, have low risk, insurance, better odds and give out bigger incentives/promotions to use what they have to offer.

Crypto Betting Apps

The apps enable crypto users and crypto traders to bet with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc., instead of traditional currencies which makes the process less time-consuming. These crypto betting apps have changed the way online sports betting works, thus giving punters a better user experience.

Crypto Pro is an app that allows users to bet crypto coins on sports and events. Not just crypto users, traders can also take advantage of crypto pro’s trading simulation. Since crypto pro is a crypto-based betting website, there are no fiat deposits or withdrawals which makes the deposit/withdrawal process less confusing. 

What Do Crypto Bookmakers Offer?

Online bookmakers are now accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option. An online betting website that accepts coins can be accessed by bettors from all over the world, anytime they want to bet on sports or any other type of event. There is no time difference between wagering on crypto bookmakers as opposed to traditional fiat betting websites. Since digital currencies are decentralized, crypto betting takes place in a peer-to-peer style which makes the wagering process more convenient for an average Joe. Crypto-based websites increase users’ anonymity, providing punters with more opportunities to bet on sports.

There are a number of cryptocurrencies that can be used for making deposits and withdrawals from an online betting website. There are a few bookies which accept a limited range of cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin. Crypto bookies like crypto casino Coinslotty offer bettors some of the best odds in online betting. Not only do crypto bookies increase crypto users’ anonymity but they also give crypto traders an opportunity to carry out trading simulations before seeking real profits using cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs have been a great way for crypto enthusiasts to make money off crypto betting. Crypto affiliates get a percentage of their referral’s deposit as the affiliate program allows punters to bet with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc., instead of traditional currencies which makes the process less time-consuming. Crypto affiliate programs have changed the way online sports betting works. They have given affiliates a better user experience. 


The crypto trend in sports betting is growing. Crypto bettors and crypto affiliates are making the most of affiliate programs and apps to get a better user experience while wagering on sports and esports. The ease with which crypto punters can deposit and withdraw money has made them more comfortable in trying portsbooks instead of traditional fiat-based betting websites.

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