The Future of Online Casino Sites in Australia

Aussies like a good bet just like any other country. Luckily for them, there’s a range of different options when it comes to casinos too. The iGaming industry in Australia has actually grown over the years, allowing players to access an increasingly broad set of betting options. Not only are there land-based casinos, but online ones now too.

With new features and regulations coming into play, the Australian casino landscape is an ever-evolving place. Keeping up is essential for any player to have fun.

Australian Gambling Regulations

Back in 2001, Australia implemented the Interactive Gambling Act. This helped to make various gambling options completely accessible to the Australian public. However, while it allowed access to land-based venues, in this initial iteration, the IGA prevented players from accessing online casino game gambling, sports betting and even lotteries.

That being said, online venues are not entirely prohibited. In 2019, regulations governing responsible gambling were introduced. This has meant that Aussies are able to access online casinos and betting sites as long as they adhere to one requirement. The sites are fully and properly licensed.

By having these licenses, Aussie players are able to play online knowing that the site they are at is safe and secure. Players are now safeguarded against fraudulent and illegal sites. This ensures a better quality of gaming and more enjoyment for all.

Land-based versus Online

However, while online casinos are increasingly available, land-based casinos are still very much in play. Australia has a large number of different brick-and-mortar casinos in their big cities. Melbourne’s Crown Casino is one of the most famous and well-known venues, offering a huge selection of games all in a very grand setting.

But, with regulations allowing online casinos, it’s becoming increasingly common for Aussies to stay at home to enjoy their gaming. Online casinos are vastly more accessible for all types of players. Better yet, they’re available on both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, games of all types are available at online casinos from pokies through to live dealer games. And, beating out land-based casinos is the fact that online sites also offer bonuses to players both new and regular.

Games of All Types

Delving into the games at Aussie online casinos reveals a wide array of options. Easily the most popular games are pokies. Also known as slots, these games are luck-based. They come in a wide array of formats, and themes and offer various bonus games to enhance the experience. Additionally, pokies also have big wins too. It’s possible to score huge progressive jackpots all while sitting at home.

Competing with land-based sites, online casinos in Australia also have virtual table games. These include blackjack, roulette, baccarat and various poker games. Playing against computers, Aussie players can enjoy honing their skills on any of these games.

But for many, this is still not a replacement for the social aspect of brick-and-mortar venues. Until live dealer casino games that is. Live games feature real dealers in a physical setting controlling the game. And, players can chat directly with the dealer and to each other. As such, this makes it a much more immersive experience for all involved.

Online Gamification

However, these days, just offering a large selection of casino games is simply not enough. Players also need added incentives to keep playing. This is an outlook India has had for some time and that country has been improving the gamification of online casinos and what’s available to Indian players over the years. Now, Aussie sites are following suit.

With live games already in play, casinos are looking to go even further. This is already in play with virtual reality (VR) games. VR helps to bring the games right to the player, taking them to popular venues such as Las Vegas casinos. Now, Aussies can even travel and play at famous casinos without leaving their chair. These games are not widely available as yet, but they are slowly making their way into online casinos.

The reason for this is that players simply want more. As technology continues to improve, players want ever more immersive or engaging experiences when they play games. With augmented reality (AR) also fast becoming a feature, online casinos are the perfect setting to provide this next level of entertainment.

Of course, there are still more basic-level entertainment options available. These include gamification features within the online casino platform itself. Typically this is in the form of VIP or loyalty programs. Players can earn points for playing games and making real money bets. Often, these types of programs give lucrative rewards in the form of real money prizes, tickets, better bonuses, cashback offers and more.

Keeping it Local

What’s really great about Aussie online casinos is their ability to really tailor the site to the audience. By this, we don’t just mean in terms of the look and feel of the site, but also the types of offers available. Bonuses typically cater to Aussie player preferences.

Specific cultural references are commonly used (lots of kangaroos), as well as themes that resonate with Australian players. This aids in creating a familiar environment in which to play. From the online casino’s standpoint, targeting Aussies specifically means they bypass the competition typically found on the international gaming scene.

Why Aussies Play Online

With all of these different aspects in play, it’s easy to see why Aussies are turning to online casinos for their entertainment needs. Convenient, safe and entertaining, these sites have it all.

Strict regulations make them secure platforms. And, with new technology arriving all the time, online casino platforms simply keep getting better. Online casinos in Australia are in a prime position to keep developing and bringing new games and ideas to the iGaming industry. For the current audience where fast-paced action is key, being able to change up game offerings and the platform as a whole is a must.

With so much going for these sites, it’s only a matter of time before they become even bigger and better than before.

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