Woman drinking whiskey

The Fun of Sipping Your Favorite Whiskey: How to Drink It Right

You know that burning sensation in your throat when you take shots of whiskey? Isn’t your soul healing? Whiskey lovers will tell you that “happiness is never bought, but you can buy whiskey, and that’s pretty close. “Sipping whiskey is an activity that plagues friends, workmates, lovers, and families each time you feel like catching up. Do you know what rhymes Friday or any other day that needs relaxation, celebration, or making new connections? It’s smooth and distilled whiskey. Most whiskeys are known for nutty taste, smooth and lightweight, not to mention fruit-scented aroma. Interestingly, there are unique whiskey types and collections https://jarbarlar.com.sg/collections/irish-whiskey made from white grapes to favor the newbies. This means that nearly every adult can enjoy drinking whiskey.

How to Get Your Whiskey Drinking Just Right

There is no one right way to drink all whiskeys; instead, enjoying a personal journey that could easily change from day to day, week to week, and drink to drink. However, there are good expert tips you need to know to heighten your whiskey drinking. Learn more

  • It’s incredibly essential to have some ice cubes on your table. Are you on your night out and want to feel fresh while sipping your whiskey? Have some ice cubes to keep it refreshing and easy to drink. For the newbies, a single shot can scare you from the next shot due to the burning sensation of the throat. That is why it is vital to have some ice cubes so that if you are drinking whiskey with a mixer, you can add ice to it.
  • If you want a full whiskey taste, add some water. Have you ever tried to sip your whiskey and felt like not taking it anymore because your nose has failed to withstand the aroma? Get some fresh water and add to your glass. It lowers the alcohol percentage and becomes light compared to drinking it straight. Some folks find it hard to drink straight whiskey. The best way to enjoy your whiskey is by cleaning your palate with cool water between sips. Adding water also helps to open up the aroma and the alcohol flavors. As you add water, also remember that you can add, but you can’t take away. Do not add too much water to avoid flattening and spoiling the layers of your whiskey flavors.
  • Try not to mix brands. The aim of drinking is to enjoy. Sometimes the table could be full of different types of brands, and as a whiskey lover, you might be tempted to sip all categories in one glass. It can be catastrophic, and try avoiding this. It might seem obvious, but be wary because your next morning could be among the rough days of your life.
  • The higher the percentage of whiskey, the better. Going for brands with 45% and above is ideal because there is room to dilute your alcohol with drinks you love and still feel the prevalence of your whiskey.


There is no right or wrong way of sipping whiskey. As long as you enjoy it, that is all that matters. However, from this article, you can be aware of some expert tips to heighten the experience of drinking your whiskey. Whiskey fans say, “first choose your glass “- that a glass of whiskey should be heavy at the bottom to increase the fun of drinking. For you to experience the fun of whiskey sipping with your folks, ensure to go for a good whiskey that shall spark comparisons with an array of scents, flavors, and uniqueness.