The Four Different Online Casino Game Types

Online casino games have it easier than other game types because they already come with an extra thrill. There’s a chance of winning cash, and that’s always exciting. That said, a casino game still needs to have appeal in order to attract players, and with thousands of games to choose from, that is getting harder. 

In this article, the guys over at Casivo (check them out here) have compiled a guide to the four main online casino game types. We’re not talking about specific titles, but the categories that casino games can fall into. Keep reading to find out more!

Online Slots

Slots are the king of the online casino world. There are more of them than any other game type, with an estimated 100,000 available online. Slots go way back to before casinos were online, like one-arm-bandits in a land-based casino where you can bet as little as 1c. 

But now that slots are online they have become something so much more. There are no longer just three symbols and basic graphics, instead, they are new, high-definition, and interactive games. They have bonus rounds, expanding symbols, in-built free spins and so much more. Even the reels have changed, with new variations like some Megaways slots giving players over 200,000 ways to win. The two biggest slot providers in the world right now are NetEnt and Pragmatic Play, but there is plenty of competition. 


Jackpots don’t look all that different from slots – in fact, they’re often referred to as jackpot slots. The principle is the same; spin the wheel and match some symbols to win. But there is one unique twist – a huge life-changing sum of money can land at any time for one lucky player. 

The jackpot amount can vary by game, but it’s often in the $100,000s. Mega Moolah from Microgaming holds the current world record for the largest ever jackpot win, which landed at $19.4 million in April 2021. The slot attracts thousands of players hoping to do the same.

Table Games

Table games are a digital version of the tables you would see at a land-based casino. They’re powered by Random Number Generators, known as RNGs, but the rules remain very much the same. Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and many other famous table games are available at online casinos and attract millions of players each year. 

Despite the constant development of games and new ways to play, table games and their simplicity will remain popular amongst players who prefer a more classic experience. 

Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer games are one of the newest ways to play online casinos. They’re a hybrid between RNG table games and actually being at the casino. A real dealer handles the cards or spins the wheel and you can watch the result unfold as it happens. You can interact with the dealer and fellow players, in what is the closest thing to a casino without being there.

A new category of live dealer games is breaking on the scene, too. There are now gameshow-style live slots like Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No deal which are sure to prove extremely popular.