The Consequences of Marrying Your Partner Without Matching the Horoscope

The Consequences of Marrying Your Partner Without Matching the Horoscope

Traditionally, families would match the birth charts of the boy and the girl before fixing their marriage. The main intention is to ensure the young couple lives a healthy and happy life. Since the planet’s position affects one’s destiny, traits, and personality, it benefits everyone when you match the would-be couple’s horoscope. Some modern minds view it as regressive, while astrology is neither a myth nor a baseless prediction. It follows mathematical calculations. However, a person’s expertise and skills determine the results’ accuracy here. A qualified astrologer considers the planetary positions, arrangement of the constellations and stars, and other aspects that influence a relationship.

Whether you marry the same person or not after a horoscope reading, it’s a different thing. But knowing about compatibility and other elements is always favorable, especially when entering a new life. So, get your kundli checked.

The effects of incompatible horoscopes

Two people decide to marry because they find some amount of similarities between them. But what you know from outward behavior and what the essential traits of the person can be are distinct facets. Sometimes, one can have some pre-disposed behavioral tendencies due to such a native chart. If you know about them, it becomes easier to navigate through those unknown sides. Also, couples face mental, emotional, and physical challenges and conflicts when there is incompatibility. Both bride and groom can suffer health-wise and develop medical conditions. They can become a burden on their near and dear ones. Prosperity and achievements can evade, creating a sense of instability and dissatisfaction in life.

Families who support astrology and rely on horoscope matching face criticism. But if you even slightly believe in this, it’s better to keep those thoughts aside and get the horoscopes matched. Sometimes, not checking the horoscope under societal pressure can lead to developing superstitions, even because of a minor tiff between the couple. You can unnecessarily feel stressed and anxious.

Areas to focus on when matching horoscopes for marriage

An astrologer will look at “gunas” or “assigning points” when analyzing the prospective couple’s native charts. They look at the animal symbol, planetary friendship, health, pulse, birth star, dominance, caste, and other factors. Of 36 gunas, at least 18 should be compatible. However, a higher score is always better. Another area of concern will be mangal or manglik dosha, related to the position of the planet Mars in the native chart. Due to Mangal Dosha in both partners’ birth charts, they can face health problems, conflicts, etc. A good astrologer can suggest remedies.

One significant factor in the native chart is the seventh house which signals marriage and relationships. Looking at this house, your astrologer can predict your relationship status, signs of possible conflicts, and compatibility. Because the alignment of planets like the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter also impacts the romantic relationship in marriage, you can get some insights on this.

Some believe horoscope matching is a selfish act. A few can also view it as a sign of a lack of belief in a partner. In truth, astrology helps you know each other better. It enables you to avoid unwanted or unpleasant outcomes. It makes you aware of what may happen, so you decide on anything with complete understanding and knowledge.

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Written by Joshua White

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