The characteristics of the book review essay

Among the written assignments, an essay is one of the most popular types of work distributed in school. This type of prose has some significant advantages. An essay is a kind of prose work that involves the disclosure of the author’s view of the phenomenon in question in a relatively concise form. Writing book review essays is often required in literature classes. Writing short works is very useful, as this ability teaches the author to articulate his thoughts, structure information, highlight cause-and-effect relationships, illustrate experiences with relevant examples, and argue conclusions. To convey the personal perception of the world, the author of such a work can give examples, draw parallels, choose analogies, use a variety of associations, and show imagination and fantasy. The text may contain the author’s reflections, lyrical digressions, descriptions, etc. An essay is more effective if it includes unexpected twists and turns and unpredictable conclusions. The defining features of an essay are usually a small volume, a specific topic presented in free, subjective interpretation, free composition, paradoxical manner of thinking. The essay expresses a new, personal word about something. Since the book review essay is an analytical genre, its main task is not just to inform about an event or object but to present this event: analysis, assessment of what is happening, argumentation, personal conclusions, and reasoning. For the review to include all the necessary parts, we recommend you read the book several times using a pencil, bookmarks, and stickers. So you highlight the main points, mark the statements you need, and select the necessary material to prove your position.

Six tips for writing a good book review essay

When writing an essay, using only your knowledge and judgment is vital. So, there are common tips that can help you to write a good book review essay:

  • Know your target audience. You must understand who you are writing for. The style of writing a review will depend on the audience. A more detailed presentation of your arguments will be needed for the general public, while your review should be as concise and reasoned as possible for experts.
  • Describe the quality and value of the work to yourself and others. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Who will benefit from what they read or see? What is new, relevant, or interesting in it?
  • Don’t read other people’s reviews and testimonials before writing. You should form an opinion about the book, not what was written about it before you. In addition, someone else’s point of view is likely to influence yours.
  • Writing a review thoughtfully and carefully is necessary, avoiding subjectivity, transition to personalities, and a complete retelling of the work. Firstly, you form the audience’s opinion, and secondly, you demonstrate your awareness of the topic and your level of expertise.
  • Personal opinion and analysis: is the topic disclosed, what emotions did the book evoke, what did you like and disappoint, were there any logical inconsistencies, is the nature of the characters clear, etc. Mark everything worthy of attention and will help convey impressions.
  • Confirm your opinion. You can use quotes or describe scenes from work and external sources – the opinions of other critics, reviewers, and experts.
  • Understanding the genre, art form, and theme. Knowing the field of the evaluated work is one of the fundamental requirements for creating a good review.

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