The biggest headache with technology today

The technology will be a blessing to anyone who uses it properly. Although there can be numerous definitions to address “properly,” the quantitative characterization will be the best. If humankind doesn’t exceed the limits in numbers, technology will be a blessing. Simply, if they spend more hours in bed rather than browsing, then that will be a better step to take.

One of the most compelling examples to name at present is social media. Social media seemed the big thing of the social media initially, and it is a thing with potential. The only thing is people have crossed limits.

Is social media a gift given by technology?

 Of course, it is. If you were back in the 1960s as a person who had an idea about IT, you would think technology is a dream that came true. If people had to find social media back in the 1960s despite the slowness of the internet, scientists would have happened to spend more hundred years planning hardware. Even if they managed it, they would have allocated hundreds of kilometers to facilitate the land for that hardware. Kilometers long storage devices and more kilometers long cables would have done something messy.

That is just an example. When considering the highest data exchanging servers, knowledgeable algorithms, AIs, and things such as intelligent devices, the technology certainly has done magic.

Is social media the most significant headache with technology today?

Yes, it has. Here are some beautiful examples to convince us that social media is the biggest headache with technology today.

The anxiety and the depression

Social media has been a headache in people’s minds. According to researchers, people have been suffering from anxiety and depression since ancient times. But the problem is that social media has increased by 120% in recent times.


Technology is available for people to use wisely and foolishly. Social media has the same habit. People use it for cyberbullying, and things have become worse as the impact is more severe than in the real world. According to internet sources, cyberbullying has increased by 60%, and social media is the main reason for that.

Distant relationships

Alexander Grahame bell found the telephone to get voices closer. He succeeds, and people see the same devices to get isolated from his point of view. Not only for playing games and roaming on the internet, but people use it to connect to social media, which will be a never-ending journey.

Unhealthy Sleep

Sleep is an uncertain thing for human behavior. Although people expect it to come quickly, it may take a few minutes to get there. Along with social media, people have spent that time getting sleep. But, thanks to the blue light of mobile devices, sleep never comes. The result is not just a losing sleep but an unhealthy sleep pattern.

Distracted life goals

Life goals are not always personal as they can deliver social goals. For example, If there were a person who wanted to invent something more incredible than the smartphone, he would have changed due to the technology. More importantly, a high percentage of social media is a distraction.

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As previously said, quantities matter. If a person spends more hours on social media, reduces hours of sleep, and ignores friends in numbers, the result will not be good. 

Social media can hit three of the most sensitive and severe pressure points for people, emotions, health, and wealth. Technology is there to make things easy but not provide a difficult environment.