The best ways to get rich in World of Warcraft MMO

The best ways to get rich in World of Warcraft MMOIn the game of World of Warcraft, it is very important to have gold. Without gold you are nothing but a skill set and a name not even a riding animal. You require gold to buy abilities, items, gear, and more. The game currency is one of the most important things in every game and especially in World of Warcraft. For example, in the beginning of April was launched one of the most interesting WoW Expansions – Season of Discovery 3rd Phase. To catch up to that expansion it’s also quite a challenging task to obtain enough gold and not every player has a lot of time to farm gold. Feel free to use Buy WoW SoD Gold or other Wow-Addons where you can buy gold quite cheap. This fast delivery speed to the official WoW servers.

 Read this article to learn how to get richer in World of Warcraft.

Choose gathering professions.

This way, you will be able to mine materials (“mats”) that are used by other players. Better gathering professions are skinning, herbalism, mining, and casting charms (for atomization). Also take fishing and cooking, which are not considered core professions. You can, when you level up a skill, drop one of them and take blacksmithing, leatherworking, or jewelry making, yeah and craft stuff!
First upgrade the mining skills. Then Jewelcrafting. And finally Fishing. Jewelcrafting, especially in the beginning, is not so profitable, but once you start doing daily tasks for jewelers or sifting titanium ore, sifting for gold, buying recipes or buying jewelry stones for crafting – gold will flow. Fish all kinds of fish you come across as they are used to create the Fish Feast. Sometimes goby and salmon are sold for 70 gold for 20 pieces. Another good way to fish profitably is to get high quality fish, which sell for 50 gold per pack.

Another locations of WoW to get gold

For example you can fly to the Outlands. Due to the high cost of flying animals, Blizzard has designed the Outlands so that your amount of gold will be multiplied. As soon as you enter these lands, start mining elemental particles. They are needed to create primordial elements, which are used to create armor and other items in the TBC and other expansions.

Auctioneer Game.  You can also download the “Auctioneer” addon, which automatically checks the best price for you at the auction. Go to dungeons collecting loot by “Greed”, then sell it at the auction. If you have jewelry stones, try selling them for 3 gold, rich characters in a hurry can buy them.

Reselling items and good on Auction in WoW

Buy items (especially recipes for crafting) that are in limited supply and sell them at an inflated price.

Instead of buying new items at the auction, go to the dungeon, there you can get new armor, do quests and save a lot of gold.

Improve your gear to get more gold

Instead of doing every quest in the main location, you can go to the dungeons to improve your gear, get a good amount of game currency and save quests for the future, and end up completing them on higher level when your reward will be up to 12 gold instead of 2. This is very lucrative, especially if you haven’t finished the quests in the high level zones. You will be able to earn around 1000 gold in one of these zones.

The best tips and advices to get rich in World of Warcraft

  • Sell the gray and white items you find to merchants. There is a reason they are called “trash”. They are destined to be sold to merchants, and there is no point in selling gray/white items at the auction. This will subsequently add to your gold. The “Autoprofit” addon helps you sell white and gray items from your backpack automatically.
  • Make friends in the game and join guilds with helpful people. Just like in real life, having connections will make you feel the difference between 1 gold or 1000 gold profit.
  • If you notice that some of the items bring you high profits and are currently rare and needed at the auction, do not hesitate to buy up all such materials and resell them later.
  • There are addons that can help you with gold mining in WoW. The Auctioneer addon memorizes the prices of items, and later you will be able to make the right choice to increase your financial status.
  • Invest in big bags. Having a lot of free space on your character, you will be able to noticeably increase the profit from collecting.
  • At the auction, sell one item at a time. It will often be more profitable to sell 20 items one at a time than a pack of 20 items. Please do not sell a large number of items one at a time, for example, do not sell a pack of 50 items for 1. By doing this, you are lowering the total value of the item in the auction. Thus, you are not winning in profit, and you are also hindering others. The items will not sell at the proper rate, the price will drop, and as a result you will lose profit on your items.
  • Set a low price and a normal redemption price. Before putting items up for auction, try to sell them in the trading channel, and don’t undercut other players’ prices – this will start a bidding war, with no winners. Use the Auctioneer addon to automatically bid the correct price for the market.
  • Create alternate characters (alts) and send them worthwhile items (green, blue, materials, cloth, and so on) that you find. Use your alts as a bank and item merchant in auctions.
  • Another useful addon for collectors is Cartographer Routes. It shows the shortest distance between ore and herb points.

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