The best TV and video streaming services

The best TV and video streaming services in 2023

People nowadays are lacking interest in watching satellite Tv and Cable Tv for streaming, and are shifting more toward VOD ( Video-on-Demand) services where they can watch whatever and whenever they want. 

Today’s Tv and video streaming services have evolved so much that people can now stream a wide variety of tv shows, Movies, web series, sports, anime, and exclusive content for each streaming service with accessibility on multiple devices including Smart TVs, Smartphones, pcs’s, laptops, and set-top boxes.

Many Tv and video streaming services are in the market with a variety of packages and regional accessibility, some of which offer exclusive content genres that not all streaming services offer like Live streaming, sports, and Anime.

Following are the five best Tv and video streaming services in 2023:

1- Netflix: 

Rating: 4.3 stars.

Multiple screen feature: up to 4 screens.

Trial Period: Not applicable

Monthly fees: $9.99 and up

Availability: 190 Countries

Netflix ranked no.1 in the list of best video Streaming services in 2023, offering a variety of mainstream shows, Documentaries, Movies, and original content. It hosts content in more than 14 main genres including Anime, Comedy, Thriller, and Romance which make it the one-stop solution to a diversified watching experience.  

Netflix subscription plans start from $9.99 monthly with ad-free streaming but it doesn’t offer any free trial.

Some of the characteristics that rank “Netflix” as the best Streaming service:

Personalised recommendation: Netflix suggests to its viewers trending and relevant shows, and movies based on their streaming history by use of an algorithm.

Parental Control: One of the most satisfying options by Netflix is they offer control to block adult and violent content from their child’s profile by limiting what they can watch.

Multiple Account: Netflix allows users to create up to four profiles with a single subscription to allow each person to personalise their streaming experience on his profile.

Ad Free: Netflix has an Ad free feature irrespective of the subscription plan to make the user’s streaming experience smoother. 

2- Amazon Prime Video:

Rating: 4 stars.

Multiple screen feature: up to 3 screens.

Trial Period: 30 days

Monthly fees: $8.99 

Availability: 200 Countries

Amazon prime video is ranked 2nd in the list of best streaming services in 2023 because of its huge library of content with its extensive collection of Movies, Tv shows, and exclusive shows as well as movies at a very reliable subscription plan with $15 per month, hosting additional benefits of free shipping on Amazon order and also access to amazon music; For just video streaming there is a subscription of $8.99 on prime videos.

some of the characteristics that make “Amazon Prime Video” one of the best streaming services:

Price Affordability: it offers a bundles subscription plan with the additional benefits of free shipping on orders from amazon, access to Amazon music, prime video subscription, and more perks that make it more affordable than other streaming services.

High-Quality streaming: At amazon prime videos it offers high-quality movies and shows without charging additional as Netflix and other streaming sites including 4k Ultra HD and HDR content.

Multi-device and platforms Accessibility: It can be accessed from multiple platforms and on numerous devices including I-phone, Xbox, Fire Tv, Chromecast, and many more.

3- Hulu:

Rating: 3.8 stars.

Multiple screen feature: up to 2 screens.

Trial Period: 30 Days

Monthly fees: $7.99 and up

Availability: only US

Hulu is one of the best-ranked Streaming services because it offers On-Demand videos and live streaming, and also hosts numerous original shows. It is different from other streaming services in a way that it offers an exclusive live tv option that enables you to watch recent and old tv episodes anytime. 

One of the features that apart Hulu from other streaming services is it display ads during the streaming that interrupts the whole experience at its basic plan of $7.99 but also offers the No-Ads subscription plan that get you bundled services with Disney+ and ESPN+ starting from $13.99 monthly.

Characteristics that make “Hulu” one of the best streaming services:

Live TV Streaming: One of the unique offerings of Hulu is offering the live streaming option that enables the user to watch live broadcasts on popular TV channels.

High Quality of original programs: Hulu creates the quality of the original show that differentiates it from other streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video.

Bundled subscription plan: Hulu has the option to opt for Ads free or ads incorporated subscription, and also offers the bundled plan with Disney Plus and ESPN+.

4- Crunchyroll

Rating: 3.8 stars.

Multiple screen feature: up to 6 screens.

Trial Period: 14 days

Monthly fees: $0 and up

Availability: 200 Countries

Crunchyroll is one of the high-ranked video streaming services in 2023 specialising in anime and manga specifically, as well as other Asian content. Its prime focus is Anime and manga offers more than 1,000 animes, around 80 mangas, and more than 200 Asian dramas, but not all the content is available in the free plan, and also it restricts many features of Crunchyroll. 

The premium feature of Crunchyroll includes the ads free subscription and also access to all the featured animes and mangas, and to check what a subscription brings to users they offer 14 days trial to a premium plan.

Some characteristics that make Crunchyroll one of the best streaming services:

Focus on Anime and Manga: Crunchyroll has its prime focus on Anime and a vast variety of manga including the famous animes, Naruto, and Attack on titan; that not all the streaming services offer.

Community: one of the characteristics that not every streaming service offers having a large no of communities where fans can interact with each other and share their show preferences and reviews.

Global reach with affordable plans: it has wide availability in almost 200 countries offering free plans as well to provide a good customer experience. 

5- youtube Tv:

Rating: 4.1 stars.

Multiple screen feature: up to 3 screens.

Trial Period: Varies.

Monthly fees: $64.99 and up.

Availability: only US

Youtube Tv is one of the best Tv and video streaming service that offers the best sports streaming service, the best on-demand streaming, and the best live tv streaming services. It comes with a limited number of on-demand streaming but has more than 85 live-Tv channels included in its $64.99 base subscription. The content available is from different genres such as sports, entertainment, and family-oriented program. 

Some of the characteristics that make Youtube TV one of the best Streaming services:

Unlimited DVR storage: it allows the user to record as many shows as they want to and store them for nine months.

Availability across the devices: one of the prime features is it can easily be accessed from numerous devices such as smartphones, laptops, and game consoles. 

User-Friendly Interface: Youtube Tv has one of the finish user-friendly interfaces that can easily be accessed and navigated by any age group.


These are the five best Tv and video streaming services in 2023 with different offerings in terms of their content, packages, and additional perks; some of them are more focused on specific genres as Anime/Manga, whereas some are more focused on original shows, sports, and Tv live streaming.