The Best SEO Trends Marketers Need To Follow

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most effective way to get your site recognised and utilised by your target audience. As it is constantly evolving marketers must be up to date with the new trends and focuses to ensure the best outcomes are experienced. Understanding and adapting to the newest trends will definitely pay dividends for future sales, engagement and recognition online.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SEO

Already AI is having a detrimental impact on how people interact with each other online. Google now have an AI algorithm that has a huge impact on how they rank sites on their search engine with plans for this to just become more and more influential. 

The best way to enhance your chances of increasing AI ranking is through experience signals. These are said to include factors such as click-through rates, time spent on your page, ease of navigation and content quality. If your page is focused, interesting and ever-updating, chances are you will be able to experience the benefit of this new ranking focus.

Mobile Friendliness

As most market research clearly proves, generally users tend to opt to search via their phones over laptops or computers now. This means that site owners have had to diversify their offerings to ensure that a mobile version of their site is readily available and has the ability to perform just as well, if not better than their desktop versions. 

An easy way to ensure that your page is mobile user-friendly is to make sure that Google can simply crawl your URLs. This can be ensured by selecting ‘disallow directive’ from the many options on your sites set up. You should also be sure that all your tag are the same on desktop and mobile sites to increase ranking opportunities. 

The longer the content the better the ranking

The general trend is that users want to know more and more information in one place about certain items. This means your content needs to be informative, well researched and includes every possible piece of information that your target audience may want to read about. As always, quality plays a massive part in this and should be kept at the forefront of any piece of content.

The longer reads online get on average three times as much traffic and four times more shares than those shorter pieces. They also achieve up to 3.5 backlinks like those at than articles fewer than 1000 words. If it can be done, your page should be focusing on more informative, longer articles that can cover all eventualities. These should be peppered with keywords and links to truly enhance your SEO opportunities. 

Featured Snippets

Marketers already understand the positive impact a featured snippet can have on a webpage, but this will only continue to become more and more prominent on Google searches. The featured snippet trend will continue to grow, although brief, they have the ability to capture many users with ease.

As they only show a chunk of information, hence the name, this give the audience the opportunity to get the general understanding of the question or query they have asked. It also gives them the ability to entice their audience to click-through on to their page. This is done via the use of pictures, links and star-based reviews to certain items, whilst also focusing on utilising keywords. It is a great way to gain traffic from competitors with ease.

Improving Predictive Searches

Linking to the AI focused approach that Google set to have and focus on in the future; predictive searches will fully enhance this too. They will use a content recommendation tool based on previous searches; most used sites and general behavioural patterns online. Gradually AI will be able to learn these habits and in turn predict what searches you will want to make. 

Whilst this seems very futuristic it is a sure thing that will become more and more utilised in years to come. It is best compared to that of re-marketing techniques already experienced online. When you use a specific shop or site a lot they naturally follow you online via their ads to try and get you back onto their site. 


Whilst there are many other trends set to take the online world by storm the items above seem to be the most impactful to marketers in the near future. The emergence of AI seems to be the main focus, highlighting the huge impact it will continue to have in our everyday lives, especially in SEO. As always SEO is constantly redefining and strengthening its offerings to match these new technologies and their potential impacts on their users. Be assured these new trends will become a natural tool utilised by us all very soon.