The Best Online Casino Games to Play in 2021

Online casinos are experiencing significant booms in the gambling industry. Even though it’s a relatively new industry, it has still managed to generate significant revenues that are steadily climbing year by year. Of course, the rise of the economy was only further exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic which forced the temporary (and sometimes, permanent) closures of certain land-based casinos. The closure of these casinos didn’t exactly eliminate the demand for gambling at all. Rather, it only increased the demand because the general public’s supply was dramatically reduced. Hence, the rise of online casinos.

Nowadays, more and more people are hopping onto online casino platforms for the first time. However, this new digital world can be incredibly intimidating even for the most experienced gamblers who may only be used to physical face-to-face gambling interactions. There are so many new online casinos that are sprouting up every day and it can lead to a further saturation of the market. Many newbies might be confused about which casinos to sign up for because of the sheer volume of options that are out there. Fortunately, there are many reliable websites that offer valuable information on different legitimate casino platforms. For example, newbies can check out the free casino games in Casinofy to learn more about the best entry-level platforms for them.

For this article, we are also going to go over some of the best casino platforms that come highly rated by experienced online gamblers around the world.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a relatively newer entry to this list and is obviously inspired by the animated series of the same name. The Rick and Morty TV show has developed a cult following over the years and it’s likely that many of them are also gambling fans given the popularity of the game. The slot game features four bonus games, multipliers, respins, and other gameplay dynamics that make the gaming experience more immersive and exciting. Aside from that, cash bonuses are up for grabs with a top win of 50,000x your bet!

Dance Party

Pragmatic Play is a gaming development company that is responsible for some of the best and most well-loved slot games in history. Dance Party is just another example of the continued excellence that the company is known for. It’s a beautifully designed slot game that is a feast to the eyes with retriggerable free spins and progressive multipliers. Aside from that, it has an incredible soundtrack that is bound to add a layer of fun and excitement for gamers from all over the world. 

5 Lions Dance

This item on the list is another entry by Pragmatic Play and it features a 1,024-ways slot game that functions with upbeat Chinese-themed music in the background. Playing this game will make you feel like you’re right at the heart of a festival in Beijing. It has 5 reels that gently sway to the rhythm of the music and it’s just an overall oriental spectacle that’s bound to delight its players. Dish out up to 200x multipliers for more chances to win big in 5 Lions Dance. 

Emerald King

Emerald King is an Irish-themed slot game with 20 payline slots. The design elements of this game cover all the basic Irish visuals including pots of gold and green clovers. The gameplay dynamics are also incredible which add to the overall visual allure of the game. It features increasing win multipliers and up to 15 mini slots playing in unison. It’s one of the game’s most distinguishing features and it’s a big reason as to why it has the reputation for being one of the best casino games you can play on the internet. 

Peaky Blinders

This popular game is also inspired by a TV show as this is a theme that many modern slot games carry these days. It’s not rare for game developers to create games that are inspired by pop culture and Peaky Blinders is really one of the most prominent shows on television right now. The game features characters like Tommy, Arthur, and Polly, mainstays of the Peaky Blinders show. Peaky Blinders has a 20 payline slot that is beautifully designed and makes for a very interesting gambling experience.