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The Best Muslim community for a Better Lifestyle

The Muslim community is full of diversity and strives to learn more about their culture for a better lifestyle. They have various ways, rules, and paths to follow, among many more principles to uphold. All this is done in respect to their community and the cultures that come with the Muslim lifestyle.

And to help them achieve the most out of this experience, multiple resources have emerged to take up the roles. One such resource is Bitsmedia in Singapore, which has successfully managed to publish and scale Muslim Pro.

Muslim Pro is a world-class Muslim lifestyle application that’s already been downloaded by 100+ million uses in over 190 countries worldwide. This is an immense growth, considering that only 45 million people had downloaded this application back in 2017. Due to its success, Bitsmedia in Singapore decided to stretch out their wings to launch different app developer headquarters in regions like:

· Malaysia

· Kuala Lumpur

· Jakarta and

· Indonesia

Bitsmedia in Singapore did this to grow their business even further after a successful experience with the Muslim Pro application. So, what can this application really do to help enhance the lives of Muslims living in Singapore or across the world?

Let’s find out below.

How the Muslim Community Benefits from Music Pro?

After developing and scaling a functional and intuitive application meant to improve Muslims’ lifestyle, Bitsmedia in Singapore then allowed the target audience to give them feedback.

And up to date, Muslim Pro ranks high as the number one or the most preferred mobile application for the Muslim community in the entire world. The application features functional resources that help the Muslims strengthen their faith. These features are well-organized and user-friendly as well.

They also guarantee every individual a better Muslim lifestyle by helping them to better organize their prayer and Muslim lifestyle. Here are some of the common effective features that you can find highly useful in the Muslim Pro application:

· Accurate Prayer times – This feature helps the user adhere to their prayer times as instructed.

· Adhan application

· Audio and Digital Quran – This feature comes with over 40+ translations to fit the reading and understanding needs of different Muslim people around the world.

· Qibla

These and more lifestyle features found in Bitsmedia Muslim Pro app help users with tracking their prayer patterns, daily inspiration, virtual Hajj Journey, and tracking their fasting as well.

The virtual Hajj journey has really grown in popularity ever since the Covid-19 traveling restrictions came into effect in the mid-2020. Since then, millions of people are using the virtual Hajj journey feature to strengthen their faith. That’s not all, this app also embraces the art of traveling.

Users of the Muslim Pro app can also book holidays and flights within the application. This makes the process easier, effective, and most importantly – highly convenient for the users and Muslim community at large.


Bitsmedia in Singapore really did a good job with this application to better the lifestyles of the Muslim community. In fact, the Muslim Pro app got appreciated with an award from the Islam Economy Award, which is in the Media Category.

This happened at the Global Islamic Economic Summit in 2018, and shows you just how much this application has really helped shape the lives of millions of Muslims around the world.