The Best Holiday Gifts to Give Gamers

Finding fantastic gifts for gamers can be challenging. If you’re not a gamer, it can seem almost impossible to know what to buy for the player in your life while on vacation. To help you find a winning gift for any player, whether they have a large following on Twitch or just playing for themselves. But on the other side, there are various items to choose from, and some of them are very affordable, like steam gift cards. We talked about the best gifts for games, collectibles, and accessories they want this year.

The best game gifts don’t just include only games. You have a vast variety of options in the world of headphones, controllers, hard drives, solid-state drives, chargers, and products. If you are purchasing a game for someone, it is best to check which game console they use (or are they PC gamers?) So that you get a suitable game for them. Be sure to check back with your family members to avoid duplicating. Now we discuss some fantastic gifts.

Nintendo Switch

For the past three years, the Nintendo Switch has been the most in-demand gaming console, and according to the players we’ve talked to, it’s as popular as ever. The first update to Nintendo’s popular handheld since its launch in 2017, the OLED model adds, as you can imagine, a beautiful OLED screen that explodes with endless contrasting colors. Other modifications are minor: a slimmer frame, a revised kickstand, and a new LAN port at the base. But with this powerful software library, the foundation on which the OLED model is built is so solid that this is an indispensable portable tool.


Xbox Game Pass is the best gift for gamers. A Game Pass subscription/gift card gives Xbox and PC players a renewable monthly pass to over 100 great games, all of which are downloadable and free. But this is not a Tier B bug; all own Xbox games get a Game Pass at launch, along with Skyrim, Fallout, Dishonored, and more. The Xbox game pass price is  £23.99.


The AUDEZE LCD-GX are gaming headsets, then gaming headsets. The Audeze LCD-GX is the latest: an impressive array of high-quality, ergonomic open-ear cases that deliver an unrivaled audio spectacle unmatched in any headphone we’ve ever tested. The quality comes at a price, but it’s well worth the investment for gamers after the dive. Its price is £849.99.


The PlayStation 5 is the best gift. You’ve never owned a video game console like Golden Dust, but if you can get a PlayStation 5 this Christmas, you’ll have a happy child or partner. The Sony PlayStation 4 follow-up is significantly more robust, already having an impressive selection of games, and there will be more in 2022. £ 449.99.

XBOX Elite Controller

Xbox Elite Controller Perfect for professional gamers, this Xbox console offers you superior build quality, outstanding comfort, and staggering amounts of versatility and customization. You can swap the analog sticks and the D-pad and add toggle triggers on the back of the Xbox console for easier access to specific commands, all of which are customizable. £ 159.99.