The Best Baby-Shower Gifts, According to Experts

baby-shower gifts

So, your friends will soon become parents, they’re preparing for their Baby Shower party, and you have absolutely no idea what to give them as a present? Then, you better think twice, because this is a very important event in their life, and usually they have a list of things that they really need, and a gift must get on this list!

There are so many ideas: necessary stuff for a baby, present sets for the pregnant, changing tables and chaise lounges for babies and, of course, versatile baby balloon bundles!

To find the best option, you can browse the Web for hours, or you can just read this post, where experts share with you the best baby-shower gift ideas!

Baby shower balloons

Modern themed balloons are the simplest and, at the same time, the most pleasant, bright, and original gift for a Baby Shower party!

You can give them a whole bunch of different balloons (if you opt for balloons of different shape, color, type and size, your bundle will look simply amazing!) to parents-to-be, or you can present one cool balloon and tie it to the main gift — it always looks touching!

Today, there’s a huge selection of Baby Shower balloons such as latex inflatables with baby footprints or funny faces, clouds, stylish balloons with the question marks printed on them, foil balloons in the shape of strollers, stars and crescents, or a baby’s head, items with a “It’s a Boy/Girl” print,  etc.

Maternity bag

This is a win-win solution because this set is one of the most necessary things a woman needs in the maternity hospital!

Moreover, it is not necessary to buy all the things separately; you can choose a ready-made set according to your budget. For example, there are at least 3 types of such ready-made bags: “minimum required”, “standard set” and “all inclusive”.

By the way, if you lack something in the set, you can easily upgrade it, choosing the things you need from the list in the corresponding online store section!

Baby cupcakes gift set

This is a cute and at the same time very touching present, which will definitely come in handy from the first days of the baby’s life!

“Cupcakes” can be made from various baby clothing accessories: you can choose a set for 2 cakes from 2 bodies and a pair of socks, or just a set of 6 pairs of socks twisted into cupcakes. In any case, these “sweets” will not leave any mom-to-be indifferent!

Diaper cake

This is quite an essential attribute of any Baby Shower!

The main thing is to choose a cake that matches the general color scheme of the party since this cake is typically the highlight of the holiday, a central centerpiece on the festive table.

This gift is not only cute, but also very practical. It will come in handy from the very first days of the baby’s life. Don’t forget to check the diaper size with the cake maker!

Mommy’s Notepad

This is a stylish notepad for mom’s notes, which can be both a pregnancy journal and a diary for the first year of a baby’s life.

Mom’s notepad contains special pages for writing down payloads, tables, graphs, as well as blank pages for notes (experience, emotions, thoughts, plans), and even a special section for photos. Such a book will become an indispensable assistant for both mothers-to-be and those that already have a baby.

Pregnancy gift box

This is an analog of the popular beauty boxes: however, pregnancy gift boxes are not filled with creams and cosmetics for adults, but with moisturizing oils and diaper rash creams for babies.

Also, here you can find various gifts and useful things for mothers and babies. Moreover, some of the kits even contain products necessary for the period of pregnancy and the first days after childbirth, samples of special baby care products, and adorable 0+ toys.

By the way, the same stores offer boxes for children of different ages: each set is clearly thought out and designed specifically for a child of the specified age.