The Best Accommodations in Bali: Where to Stay for a Memorable Vacation

Some tourists come to rest their body, soul, and mind to forget about everyday worries and get away from the standard way of life that causes high levels of stress. 

However, staying here, the stress will go away as soon as you land because you will get lost in the wonderful and numerous beauties that this oasis offers to its visitors. 

If you are considering Bali accommodation, this article have you covered.

Facts about Bali

The island of Bali is located on the Lesser Sunda Islands, which is part of Indonesia and is located between Lombok and Java, has over 4 million inhabitants, and has three active volcanoes. The fertile soil of volcanic origin is full of minerals and is suitable for the cultivation of numerous crops such as cotton, rice, coffee, coconut palms, tobacco, and numerous varieties of fruit. 

However, the strongest branch of the economy is certainly tourism, which is getting stronger year after year and brings numerous revenues to the GDP per capita. The capital is Denpasar where most of the population lives. The country is rich in numerous ancient temples, sanctuaries, and beautiful architectural works as well as breathless jewels of mother nature.

When is the best time to visit this country?

Since the country has a tropical climate, it is divided into a dry and a wet season. With that, the dry season starts from the beginning of May and lasts until the end of October, when the temperatures are high and ideal for a vacation. While the rainy season starts in November and lasts until the beginning of March, there are fewer visitors due to heavy rainfall.


One of the unmissable destinations is certainly Ubud, visited by all types of tourists from hippies, backpackers, elite guests, and regular tourists to experience the beauty of this place. 

Here you are in the middle of the jungle surrounded by rich flora, fauna, and tall trees, where you also have views of the vast fields of rice terraces. The natural setting is divided into low-level, medium-level, and budget-oriented.

Alaya resort

This resort is a specific, high-elite accommodation next to the evergreen fields of rice terraces and surrounded by gardens rich in various exotic plants. Here you can find fitness, spa centers, swimming pools, and various activities that the resort organizes for its guests. Terraces and balconies are designed in such a way that they open towards nature and give the feeling that you are floating over the whole place.

Ulun Ubud

This resort is positioned within tropical lush greenery where you have a view of the Tjampuhan river, felt like a haven for the rest of the soul and body. 

Here you have ambient sleeping rooms with canopies, slightly more expensive rooms have direct access to the pools. The restaurant serves Indonesian specialties, you have a lounge bar, as well as numerous activities that the resort organizes for its guests.


This modern resort is a paradise for vacations and is home to the best in terms of food, drinks, accommodation, beautiful beaches, and numerous sea activities. There are various luxurious villas and bungalows here that you can rent. Of course, the price also varies here, from cheap accommodation to more acceptable for other tourists.

W Bali

This hotel is one of the elite and has 5 stars, offers top service, and will make your vacation unforgettable. It belongs to the more luxurious variant located right next to the coast with terraced pools and you have direct access to the beach inside the complex. 

Here there are cocktail bars, restaurants, and clubs where you can have fun, rest and refresh. If you want to rent a private villa, each one has its own pool, and privacy is guaranteed.

Grandmas Plus Hotel

This hotel is beautiful, fun, and modern and is designed for tourists on a budget. In addition to superb and modern rooms, it offers numerous restaurants, both local and western, fun cocktail bars, and clubs. They offer various courses in yoga, cooking, diving, and many other sea activities.

Club Med Bali

This resort offers a special kind of rest for the soul and body, complete relaxation, and peace. The long white sandy beaches are especially emphasized by the breathtaking emerald-turquoise color of the sea. Here you can rent bungalows designed in a Zen sense, surrounded by rich gardens of tropical plants of all kinds. 

This resort offers all-inclusive, where you have the right to numerous boat trips, diving, safari diving, and numerous other marine activities. The resort is also rich in nightlife where you have countless clubs, bars, and restaurants that are specially lit and offer numerous local and western specialties. This is one of the resorts that is worth visiting to create unforgettable memories.

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