The Benefits of HiPP Baby Formula’s Natural and Organic Ingredients

The Benefits of HiPP Baby Formula's Natural and Organic Ingredients

The best food for a baby is the mother’s milk. Wise nature ensures the infant receives everything necessary for proper growth and development, strong immunity, and health with it. But life sometimes makes its adjustments, and you have to transition to mixed or artificial feeding. In such a case, you will have to find a reliable organic baby formula store and choose high-quality nutrition according to the age and the baby’s needs.

HiPP specialists have been researching breast milk for many years and developing baby formulas that are as close as possible to its composition. That is why HiPP mixtures may become the best option for your little one.

HiPP Baby Formulas Range

The HiPP brand offers different lines of baby formulas designed for infants and toddlers with specific needs:

  • Organic — a line of HiPP organic baby formulas that contain the essential vitamins, trace elements, and all the ingredients required for the proper growth of a healthy baby;
  • Combiotic — a line of baby formulas enriched with both prebiotics and probiotics for healthy intestinal microflora;
  • HA Combiotic — a line of formulas based on hydrolyzed cow milk protein for babies with sensitive tummies or allergy risk;
  • Comfort — baby formulas for newborns and infants suffering from colic and constipation;
  • AR — anti-reflux formulas created for babies suffering from frequent and intense regurgitation.
  • Goat Milk Formula — a line based on goat milk, which is digested easier and can also be a good choice for infants with sensitive tummies.

You should consult your baby’s doctor to choose the product that will suit your infant’s needs best.

The Composition of HiPP Combiotic Formulas

HiPP Combiotic baby formulas are made from organic cow milk and contain a protective combination of ingredients modeled on human breast milk:

  • prebiotics;
  • probiotics;
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6;
  • the optimal amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for each age;
  • vitamins and trace elements;
  • nucleotides.

Probiotic cultures of lactobacilli L. Fermentum are part of breast milk and form a normal intestinal microflora and support healthy digestion. Prebiotics are food components that support the development of probiotics and the baby’s own beneficial intestinal microflora. The prebiotics used by the brand are galactooligosaccharides (GOS) obtained from lactose and naturally occurring in breast milk. 

Thanks to the clinically proven combination of probiotics and prebiotics in HiPP Combiotic formulas, your baby’s intestinal microflora will be formed as if your little one was breastfed. Your baby will have normal digestion and good immunity because 70% of it depends on the condition of the intestines.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 are a blend of essential fatty acids, similar to those found in breast milk, essential for a baby’s brain and eyesight development. Nucleotides are substances that are part of breast milk and are important for strengthening immunity. Vitamins and trace elements ensure the harmonious development of the young body.

The Combiotic line contains less protein, but it has improved quality. Recent studies have proven that a high protein intake in babies increases the risk of obesity later in life. For this reason, specialists promote breastfeeding and reduce the protein content in baby formulas.

HiPP Combiotic formulas, just like other HiPP baby formula lines, do not contain gluten, sugar, or emulsifiers. According to the European legislative requirements for baby food, they are produced without dyes, preservatives, flavorings, and genetically modified components (GMOs). 

An important point is that the only sugar in HiPP baby formulas is lactose, just as in human breast milk. On the contrary, some other manufacturers may add glucose and maltodextrin as additional carbohydrate sources in their baby formulas.

HiPP Guarantees for the Use of Organic Raw Materials

The basis for HiPP baby formulas is certified fresh organic milk. This is not the regular powdered milk that other breast milk substitute manufacturers may use, but real fresh milk that comes to the factory directly from the farms. Thanks to this, more vitamins, minerals, and other useful substances are retained in it.

Organic cow or goat milk is obtained according to the provisions of the EU law on organic farming. This means cows graze on open pastures and receive only natural feed — grass, hay, and grain, grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The use of GMOs, bone meal, animal growth stimulants, and the prophylactic use of antibiotics is strictly prohibited by organic farming standards.

The organic origin of milk in HiPP products for infants is confirmed by the Certificate issued by an independent body. The code number of the body that certified the organic products and raw materials can be found on the product label. 

The company takes its products’ quality very seriously. HiPP doesn’t just meet the strictest EU standards but exceeds them. To achieve this, the brand works with nature rather than against it in a sustainable way, protecting biodiversity and producing the highest-quality organic goods.

When feeding your baby with HiPP formula, you can be sure that your little one will receive not only the components necessary for growth and development but also essential elements for maintaining healthy digestion and immunity.

Benefits of HiPP Baby Formulas

HiPP baby formulas have the following advantages:

  • have a rich set of vitamins and minerals, as well as an omega complex and iron;
  • do not contain preservatives, dyes, and genetically modified organisms, which can harm the baby’s development;
  • are easily digested;
  • the assortment includes lines for premature babies and children of different age categories and nutritional needs, including hypoallergenic and anti-reflux formulas, products based on goat milk, and more;
  • quick preparation of mixtures allows the parents to feed the baby in the shortest possible time;
  • the raw materials used for the production of formulas are derived from specialized organic farms, so they are completely safe.

All HiPP baby formulas have undergone clinical studies. They are proven to have a composition as close as possible to human breast milk, due to which they are digested quickly and easily, providing the young organism with all the necessary nutritional components. You provide your baby with high-quality nutrition when feeding it with HiPP formulas.

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Written by Joshua White

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