Technologies Improving Gambling Safety

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Technologies Improving Gambling Safety

When it comes to gambling online, many of us concern ourselves with taking protective measures while inputting our details. As it has increased in popularity, the need for improved technology has grown too. This need has given rise to the growth of some of the largest technology security companies in the world, some of which specialize in putting mechanisms into place for the gambling industry.

Security for new gamblers

For gamblers who are new to the industry, these safety measures are vitally important. These new gamers may be attracted to the industry by welcome offers. For example, the Bet365 welcome bonus gives gamblers a range of markets with which to bet on when they sign up to their website. With the introduction of safety technology, new users can feel safe that their money and details are being looked after securely after they sign up. The technologies explained below are some of the most common digitally automated and state-of-the-art systems around.


Employed by companies such as WhatsApp to protect chat and identity details, encryption codes make information unreadable to those who don’t have an encryption key. In the gambling industry, this technology makes it difficult for hackers to find information that is shared online, such as card details or personal information.

As with any business, customer trust is paramount. As well as protecting consumer data, encryption technology safeguards systems against fraud. It also ensures payouts occur without interference and protects their internal systems against issues.

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Tokenizing Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Tokenization is another security measure that replaces sensitive data with unique symbols. These symbols are known as a token. When signing up to a gambling company, users share certain identification details. Much like encryption, tokenization is another way to protect gamer’s data.

Two factor authentication

As mentioned, when registering with gambling sites, new users must submit personal details like name, date of birth and copies of ID cards. To further ensure safety and security of accounts, gambling sites employ two factor authentication. This technology allows users of gambling sites to identify themselves using a few different methods. These methods include using a password, a one-time password sent in the form of a token, or a fingerprint or face ID. This safety system prevents any attacks on the company or individual details. 

Secure payments

Companies utilize several methods to ensure safer payment. For example, Stripe, a payment processor, uses encrypted technology. In the gambling industry, companies offer users the chance to keep their money in online wallets. This software allows users to make less online transactions using their personal cards and stores their money safely online. Other methods that gambling companies offer include the use of prepaid cards. These cards have a 16 digit code to ensure safety, and mitigates risk if the card is stolen. 

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As with all industries that operate online, security is of primary concern for both consumers and companies. Gambling companies are no different. In order to build consumer trust and grow the industry, companies have applied these technologies to keep their customers happy when gambling online.