Streaming is an integral part of how our population consumes media, and it also has a huge impact on how entertainers earn a living. So, what does it have in store for the future? Well, this article is here to share the latest in live streaming technology news, and where they’re headed.

The medium has expanded to cover more than TV Media

In our current landscape, where the internet is almost as available as other necessary resources such as water or air, streaming has become a mainstay. The era of cable is fading away, being unable to compete with the wide spectrum of selection and convenience that Netflix and Amazon offer. Streaming has also grown from just being a niche commodity, as social media apps now allow people to livestream their daily occurrences to receptive audiences. Platforms such as Twitch let us watch our favourite video games and allow real-time audience input. It’s a wonderful time for technology.

Streaming is taking over as the dominant viewing experience

It seems that more families are becoming reliant on streaming in the future. 27% of US families are planning on cutting cable TV from their lives as per the survey conducted by The Trade Desk across over 2,100 consumers. These numbers may also have received a big boost from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has both accelerated and decelerated certain marketplaces. With users relying more on their devices at hand for any myriad of tasks, it stands to reason that streaming itself will receive more customers.

More outlets are expected to come

In lieu of that, instead of streaming services achieving successful monopolization, there’s bound to be further competition entering the field. MoviePass, while ultimately being unsuccessful due to its rickety business model, is proof that even fresh entries can quickly gain success if they either plant themselves in certain niches or connect better with audiences. Twitch’s integration in the gaming industry stands as a shining example of live streaming success outside of TV series and movies, and Crunchyroll burrowing into anime and Japanese media are further examples of success outside the typical mold, and more can be expected.

Machine learning and AI will further be implemented into streaming services

Machine learning is the hot new topic everyone is clamouring over right now, and it’s fair enough to assume that streaming services are no different. While Netflix has already discussed its use of AI in suggesting movies to users and selecting appropriate thumbnails, this is still too small a scale. Future streaming technology news might be carrying headlines of multiple neural networks assigned to particular regions in order to gauge what users interact with and localize it for the sake of analytics.

Beauty products are primed to utilize live streaming effectively

Beauty gurus are expected to take full advantage of the medium. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, AR and VR took centre stage in a form of live selling, as users could virtually try on products from the comfort of their home and buy them on the spot. It’s naturally expected that live streaming will be further incorporated in merchandise selling, as items are featured and then bid on in real time. With self-care and lifestyle products in extreme popularity, beauty products and their purveyors are going to be centre stage.

The development of mobile technology will make live streaming more accessible

The development of mobile technology has gotten to a point that live streaming’s becoming a much more seamless process, with a decent camera and frame rate available to almost anyone. This can further lead to more and more independent content creators relying on live streaming for their content. With certain influencers using the Instagram Live feature to stream themselves playing card games and interacting with users, there’s a lot of untapped potential that’s becoming much easier for anyone to employ in their way to internet fame.

Parting Thoughts

In a nutshell, streaming technology is here to stay. With it’s easier accessibility, the multiple ways it can be harnessed, as well as developing technology, there’s a lot more that can be projected for the future. Projections that up and coming individuals in the entertainment industry should keep a keen eye out for.

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