Stereotypes About Law School Supplies That Aren't Always True

Stereotypes About Law School Supplies That Aren’t Always True

Law school supplies aren’t a joke. They are definitely not as superficial as people might assume. They are very much academic based. Pleasantries will only get you so far and over-decoration of notes are completely pointless on the day of your exams.

Thereby, do not rely on a pretty binder or a cute notebook to get you through law school. There are some rules that you will have to follow when you do decide to buy law school supplies. You need not waste your money, you’ll be spending all of that on your textbooks, anyway.

Statute Books

No, just because you can look at your statute books during an exam does not mean that you should. Throwing all of that for last minute or studying your statute book the night before is really an unwise idea. It is in your favor that you refer to your statute books during the duration of the year.

You should pay avid attention to the small notes in your text books which tell you to refer to the statute book right there and then. This is a very important part of your self-study.

Keeping this in mind, many people often purchase statute books a month before the exam for the fear of them being expensive. Do not do that, sacrifice leisure activities in the first few months instead of sacrificing your studies.

Buy the statute book along with your text books and at the same time. Be sure to purchase the latest editions because there are always changes being made in the law. Taking a statute book from a former law student may lead you to citing the wrong section of the specific act. Refrain from doing so.

Thereby, know that statute books are an essential part of your law school supplies, contrary to popular belief.

The Portal

If you are a law student, you probably know the importance of the lawyer portal. It has been embedded into your brain because of how many times your teachers have reminded you to use it. It is a very important tool for law students as you are aware of.

However, there is an underlying reason to that and it isn’t what you think. The updates and such are important. They are a good reminder to keep updated on what is going on in that side of the world.

However, that isn’t the extent of it. In many cases, the law portal can provide you with information that you will not find elsewhere. It is a common stereotype that the law portal should be limited to updates. If you delve a little deeper, you will find relevant past papers and new case laws that you may not find anywhere else.

The portal can help you further refine your model answer in a way that earns you an excellent grade. Your portal can be your best friend if you want it to be. Use the portal for research as well. University of London students have the VLE which helps them in countless ways.

Pens and Other Fancy Stationery

If you are a law student, you’ll understand where I may be going with this. So many websites will talk about how using nicely colored pens and fancy ink will make you want to study, but believe me when I say that is not at all the case.

Decorating your notes is not a good way for you to focus. In fact, it may just be all the more distracting. You’ll lay more focus on the actual note-making than the content that is within those notes

The best way to make notes is to use two different colored pens if you are high-strung when it comes separating headings from content, otherwise, one pen is good enough. Focus on what the textbook is saying and what the teacher is laying emphasis on.

It is only a waste of time and does not deserve your attention. By the time, you’ll be done with decorating the notes, the teacher will have moved on to the next point. Law is a very difficult field and this is only practice for when you will have to write actual briefs.

Text Books

This is a very common stereotype when it comes to law school supplies. People assume that text books will always be expensive, which isn’t a lie. They are quite expensive, but you can find ways around it. You can find PDFs for the books that are anointed to you.

You can find substitutes for those books quite easily. Even if you want the original text book, the best way is to get it photocopied. This is a secret that teachers will never tell you. It will cost you a pretty penny, but at the same time, it’s going to be less than what the actual books cost.

Paying tuition for your law school is already expensive enough. Finding loopholes for your text books is a good way to cheat the system. However, it is ideal if you get the latest edition photocopied. Taking textbooks from an older time from a former law student is not smart.

There is content that you will be missing out on that you do not want to miss out on. Text books are expensive, that isn’t the stereotype, but the stereotype that you have to them and them is a wrongful implication.


This should give you the loopholes around the stereotypes that are set. Try your best to work within the system whilst cheating the system instead of just relying on hearsay. There are many things which can help you to get good grades without forcing yourself to spend an arm and a leg to get through law school.

Also, make sure not to get too worried, there are students out there that have been using these tips and tricks in terms of law school supplies to get them by. Being a law student is hard enough, you need not make your life a living hell for things that can be resolved.