Steps to take after a construction injury to protect your claim

When you have suffered an injury as a construction worker at the site, you must take the necessary steps to protect your claim. The primary reason for this is that a construction accident can be serious and can result in significant medical expenses. As a victim of a construction accident, you will need to ensure that your claim covers not just your medical expenses but your diminished quality of life as well. In many cases, construction workers fail to report their injuries on time, and as a result, the settlements they receive do not reflect the trauma they have undergone. Renowned lawyers who have been specializing in construction accident cases for many years mention that the first step to take when one is involved in a construction accident is to ensure that the incident gets reported to the proper authorities. Even if you are not directly the victim of the accident and have suffered only minor injuries, ensure that you report it to the authorities. This will ensure that you receive the settlement that you deserve. It will also help the other construction workers who have suffered more serious injuries to get their settlements with ease. Some of the other essential steps that you should take to protect your claim if you are involved in a construction accident are as follows:

  1. Get medical help

You must get the necessary medical help if you are a victim of a construction accident. When you Contact a Construction Site Accident Injury Attorney at the Louis Law Group in South Florida via their website,he will tell you that the first thing you should do when you are involved in an accident is to seek medical help, irrespective of the severity of the injuries. The primary reason for this is you will need all your medical bills when you claim the compensation. Your lawyer will have to evaluate all your medical bills to understand better the compensation you can expect from your employer. The medical bills and the doctor’s record have to conclusively prove that the injuries were caused due to the negligence of a third party, and you cannot be held responsible for the accident. Thus, providing the proper medical evaluation of your injuries to be consistent with your claims is necessary to ensure that the settlement is processed smoothly.

  • Discuss all the details of the accident with your lawyer

You must retain a lawyer right at the beginning of filing the claim. Sometimes victims of a construction accident feel that they do not need to hire an attorney, and their employer will do the needful regarding settlement of the claim. But it is essential to understand that the attorneys representing your employer or the insurance company’s representatives liable to pay the claims will consider the benefits of their policyholders. Hence, by hiring a lawyer, you will ensure that your rights are also upheld. You will have to discuss with your lawyer details such as:

  • You must give him all the details of the accident and the events that led to the accident. If you feel that there were specific steps that you could have taken to avoid the accident, then you must ensure that you mention it to your lawyer.
  • Discuss with your lawyer about the authorities you should inform about the accident. Sometimes informing your employer or the foreman is sufficient. But if you feel that the accident warrants more investigation, then you have to discuss it with your lawyer. He will be in a better position to carry out the necessary investigation or inform the required authorities.
  • Ask your lawyer about your rights and claims after you have suffered injuries in a construction accident. This will give you a clear idea of the settlement you can expect and reduce your trauma associated with the accident.

By retaining a lawyer right from the beginning of your case, you can make it easier to get your claims settled. Sometimes victims feel that the union representatives or the employers will do the needful to ensure that the claims are settled on time and as per law. However, the settlement might not address numerous other expenses such as post-operative care, physical therapy expenses, or loss of quality of life. These two need to be compensated if the liability rests on a third party.

  • Gathering necessary evidence

If you can manage your injuries, tell your lawyer about the evidence relating to the accident. For example, suppose you have suffered minor injuries whereas your colleague has suffered significant injuries. In that case, it is a good idea to discuss with your colleague the evidence relating to the accident. If you have gathered any evidence proving third-party liability and negligence that can help you get a significantly higher settlement, then you must give it to your lawyer. Similarly, if your colleague has retained a lawyer, discuss with your lawyer whether you should share the evidence. It is essential to gather evidence, be photographic or witness account, to strengthen your case. With the help of adequate evidence, you can make it easier for your lawyer to prove third-party liability, and you will find that the settlement is resolved faster.

It is natural to feel traumatized if you are a victim of a construction accident. But it is also important to remember that most construction accidents can prove serious, which means an extended period of medical care. With the help of compensation, you can help your family recover, and they can lead a comfortable life. Moreover, it is also your right to get the compensation that covers your medical bill, your post-operative care, and the loss of income. Suppose you Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer from Louis Law Group in South Florida. In that case, he will tell you that the compensation is necessary to ensure that your rights are upheld and that you can continue to lead a reasonably comfortable life. Therefore, you need to take specific steps to make your compensation claims stronger and ensure that you get significantly higher compensation. Learn more about Louis Law Group, a Florida Construction Site Accident law firm, via this Haiti Open Magazine business profile.