Steps for Electronic Product Development

Are you going to start your own electronic product business? You need to know about all the basic components used in electronic products. This guide will help you to understand step by step process to develop an electronic product. Click here if you do not know, what is Electronic Manufacturing? You can understand all the stages of product manufacturing even if you have less knowledge of electronics.

Product Idea and Marketing

The first stage is to make the product idea. After selecting few products, even the best Product Designers do market research, check their competition. Do not afraid of competition. Competition is a sign that the product has a good customer base. Try to make a better product. The next part is to decide, how your customers will come to buy your products. Make a website, use marketing strategies to bring customers, make your product page. Contact buyers that have already used similar products before and get their reviews.

Product Design

Make Premilinary Product Design of your product. Before going to the next stage, this will help you to understand product manufacturing cost, components of the product, and profit margin from the product. You can start by making System Block Diagram. That will show the function of all the components when they interconnect with each other. You will come to know the number of ports and its types required. After that, make a Bill of Materials for the product. Make a list of all the components as per their function. Check their price and availability in the market.

Schematic Circuit Diagram and PCB

Schematic Circuit Diagram will give every small detail in the circuit It will give details of every block in Schematic Block Diagram. After making it, design a Printed Circuit Board. It is a physical circuit that is made from the diagram. Use software to design it. It will ensure that the layout of the PCB meets with Schematic Circuit Diagram. PCB design making time depends on the criticality of the operation, how all components are gathered. Smaller sizes with more components will take more time to make. Before going into this step, get expert guidance to make the process faster.

PCB Assembly

After finalizing the PCB layout, you need to make a printed design on PCB. For that, you have to hire an agency that will do as per data given by the software. After that second step is to do assembly of all the components as per circuit. It includes soldering, of each component as per the diagram.


Now its time for the evolution of your first PCB prototype. You may not get the desired result but you can do the required changes as per the result. Fix the bug if you find it and make the solution. This will stage includes evaluation, program, debug and repeat processes. Do this process as many times as you get the final result.

We hope this article will help you to know the basic steps for electronic product manufacturing.

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