To get insurance benefits after being involved in an accident, you must claim with them. But there is no guarantee that every claim will be paid by your insurance. There are certain things that you must do to stand a chance of getting fair compensation. Also, in nearly all cases, insurance companies want to pay the least amount possible. That is why you need a professional kfz gutachter münchen to appraise your car. They will usually reveal the fair price you should be paid after an accident. Other than enlisting the services of a sachverständiger münchen, the following are also steps that you want to follow when filing a car insurance claim. Keep reading to learn more. 

Steps to follow for claiming car insurance after an accident

Immediately after an accident call your insurance company and let them know that you have been involved in the accident. It is also at this point that you need to tell them the details about the damage your car has undergone. 

Call paramedics if you have been injured

Call the police and report the accident. Also, this is your time to obtain an FIR. 

In the FIR, make sure you indicate the details about the driver, car, and any witnesses.

Proceed to file a claim with your insurance provider. They will assign their employee to come and evaluate the extent of the loss. 

If you want an independent car appraiser, get in touch with kfz gutachter münchen. These professionals will come to the site and assess the extent of the damage keenly. They may ask to have the car towed to their site for a more thorough detail. It is always advisable to work with independent car appraisers as they increase your chances of getting fair compensation for your loss. 

What documents are needed to make a claim?

For a claim to be accepted and validated, your insurer may ask you to supply them with certain documents. If you want to stand a chance of getting a fair price that reflects the extent of your damage, you must provide every single document that the insurance company asks for. Below are the most common documents your insurance company will demand:

First Information Report, abbreviated as FIR that you filed with the police. 

  • A certified copy of your policy document
  • Claim form that’s duly filled and signed 
  • A comprehensive estimate of repairs
  • Medical receipts if there were physical injuries
  • Original records showing the expenses you incurred. 

Third-Party Claim

After an accident, you can either make your own damage claim or a third-party claim. A third [arty claim is where another driver was at fault for the accident. Like an own damage claim, you are also going to hire a reputable sachverständiger münchen. This section deals with the steps you will need to follow when filing a third-party claim. Note that, not following the laid down procedures and supplying the necessary documents may lead to the cancellation of your claim. 

As said above, a third-party claim is made against the owner of a vehicle that was at fault for the accident. There is a broad range of things you can claim for other than the costs to fix your car. They include compensation for personal injury, medical expenses, loss of income if you were unable to work after an accident, and property damage. In case of death, compensation can also be claimed. 

The converse is also true. In case of an accident where your vehicle hits another and there is damage, injury, or death to a third party, your insurance company will pay for the loss, injury, death, or damages to the car. 

Steps to follow for making a Third Party Claim

  • Get the insurance information of the car that caused damage or loss of your vehicle and call their insurer about the accident.
  • Call your insurance company immediately and report the issue. Make sure that you report this accident to your insurance company within the recommended time. 
  • Get in touch with your kfz gutachter münchen to help you get the full extent of the repair costs that will be needed to get your back to its pre-accident conditions. 
  • Submit your third-party claim application to your insurance company. Where you are the accident victim, make sure the third party claim is made against the vehicle owner. If you are the one responsible for the damage, loss, or death, the application will need to be made against your insurance company. 
  • Contact the police through the police helpline number and then file an FIR. Make sure you have indicated the following details on the FIR:
  • License information of the driver
  • Registration details of the car that was involved in the unfortunate accident
  • Name and contact information of any witnesses
  • After that, the next step is filing a case with the Motor Accident Tribunal in charge of the area where the accident occurred. The case can also be filed with the tribunal in charge of the area where the third party lives or does business. 

Own damage claim

An own damage claim is filed when damage or loss of your car occurs to your insured car as a result of an accident. Once you have submitted it to your insurer, they will pay the repair costs and any medical expenses you incurred. Only people with a comprehensive policy are eligible for a claim of this nature. 


Getting insurance is one thing and claiming to get paid by your insurer is quite another. There are steps that you must follow if you want an insurance company to pay you for loss, damage, death, or injury. Failing to stick to this laid-down procedure may lead to the cancellation of your claim.

Other than sticking to the rules, it is also a lot more beneficial to you if you hire a kfz gutachter münchen. In the absence of a top sachverständiger münchen, it is unlikely you will get fair compensation for your losses. Make sure you hire one. 

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