7 Vlogging Essentials: Starter Kit for Vloggers in 2021

Starter Kit for Vloggers 2021

Vlogging starts with great content that would keep the audience engaged from the very beginning till the end. And, vloggers add up spice, adventures and everything possible in the contents to gain likes, shares, followers and a tremendous fan base in particular platforms. However, vlogging can’t be initiated without a set of specific tools, otherwise, all your master-mind ideas would remain incomplete.

From picking the right 4K camera to microphones, lighting to tripods, you need to be ready with your vlogging kit. Apart from these, editing software is something that you can’t forget while producing the final vlogging clips. Let’s check out the following vlogging equipment that is a big “Yes” for your prospering career.

  1. Camera into Action

Vlogging or video blogging doesn’t make any sense without a camera. As a beginner, you might be confused about quality over quantity. Hence, you might be searching for the most expensive camera for making your video contents glitch-free. However, there are countless options under DSLR, mirrorless and GoPro cameras for vloggers and that’s too within your budget.

Sony A6400, Panasonic Lumix G100 and Fujifilm X-S10 are some of the notable options among the mirror-less community. Whereas Sony ZV-1, DJI Pocket 2 and Insta360 One X2 are worth the deals to steal for the category of compact cameras. Make sure that you choose the cameras that have an external port for microphone, flippable LCD screen, and supports 4k video quality.

  1. Sound Checked

Apart from a mesmerizing view and surroundings on your high-definition camera, the audio comes into the play. In case, your vlogging output serves your audience with bad audio, it can ruin all your efforts. For amazing sound recording, you can rely on the best cheap microphones available for vloggers in the market.

You can select your microphone from USB microphone, lavalier, external microphones and shotgun ones. RØDE VideoMic Pro, Sennheiser ew 112p G3, Blue Yeti are some top-notch recommendations from globally recognized vloggers. Ensure that your selected microphone lets you record seamlessly with high-quality audio, and you can adjust the characteristics, too.

3. Support for the Camera

You can’t hold the camera for vlogging all the time. Your camera requires strong support on which it can stand and settle itself. In the case of a heavier camera, support is not only an option, a basic requirement. Purchase a camera tripod to hold your camera for your YouTube videos and other such projects. In addition to this, you can depend on a monopod or selfie stick for a better camera grip. Good quality support for the camera saves your video from unnecessary shaking and keeps the video quality consistent.

Benro S4 Head with aluminium Flip Lock Legs, Magnus VT-4000 are appropriate options for heavy camera bodies. In case, you’re a travel vlogger, then nothing can match the support equipment named Joby GorillaPod. And, if you have got a compact on-the-go camera, then a selfie stick of Spivo 360 would work too.

4. Drone: Is it Necessary?

For a beginner, No. Mostly beginner vloggers keep aside drones and depend on the fundamental things. But, if you’re more into capturing aerial shots for astonishing outputs, then you can’t discard a drone. Moreover, a drone in your vlogging backpack is a must.

However, drones from the house of DJI are personal favourites of experienced vloggers. Terrestrial shots that are compatible with your mirrorless cameras are possible with DJI Mavic Air 2. This gadget is capable of offering 4K videos at the 60FPS and slow motions at 1080p. Additionally, the GPS stabilization and obstacle avoidance are two prime features of this drone. 

5. Lighting: Required for Indoor Vlogging

If you’re a YouTube influencer or any social media content creator, then you might have to shoot videos in your studio or home. And, your magical camera can’t generate the miracles unless you have got the right lighting equipment for your vlogs. Without prompt and crisp lighting, your followers might lose interest in your contents. So, control your limelight opportunities with the best suitable lighting options.

Investing in lighting would offer you a more professional look and your audience can easily notice the minute details of your video. For instance, you can buy a ring light, if you run a beauty channel. You can grab these lights from Spectrum-brand. In case you’re shooting in your studio, then a ring light won’t fit the environment. You can switch to Lighting Umbrellas kit from Neewer and LimoStudio. 

6. Editing Software: Cutting-Edge Tool

You can’t represent all the clips that you’ve recorded on your vlogging camera. To keep the content to the point and crisp, editing software is something that every vlogger requires. As a beginner, you can try the free editors for cutting and pasting the clips together. However, the premium software versions are way more beneficial for a professional touch.

You can use Windows Movie Maker on your Windows-powered PC. On the other hand, you can rely on the in-built iMovie software for your MacBooks. Additionally, Final cut Pro X is another worth-mentioning tool for user-friendly editing experience and desired output. Well, you can eye over Adobe Premiere Pro, too. Online video editors, such as Intro Maker, are another alternative nowadays. You do not need to download them and so they will not take much of your computer’s memory.

7. Backpack: Your Travel Companion

You can’t just hang out all your vlogging essentials in hands, right? All you need to do is to look for a suitable backpack for storing all your vlogging equipment in one place. The responsibility of the vlogging-dedicated backpack is to protect all the fragile and expensive items from weather and other accidents.

However, any backpack can carry your belongings. But, you should go for particular backpacks for a compact journey with your vlogging equipment. TUBU Large Camera Backpack and Bagsmart Camera Backpacks are two considerations from experts.

Did you Forget Something?

Don’t worry, we would help you to recall them. Throw extra batteries, power bank, wind-shield, and SD cards in your vlogging backpack. Additionally, you can make extra space for a webcam for short videos or on-the-go tutorials on your vlogging channel. So, keep looking for good contents and shoot from the right angles for becoming the latest vlogging sensation.

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