Spribe Aviator game basics for newbies

Spribe Aviator game basics for newbies

Finding a new game that you can enjoy at any skill level is a rare treat because new genres are seldomly invented. That’s why you should check out the new crash games. Whether you’re a newbie trying to play safe or a high roller who’s interested in taking high risk for big rewards, then Aviator is the game for you. Here’s all the details you need to know to play it.

What is Aviator

Aviator is a crash game from Spribe. It follows the basic set of rules, namely that you place your bet when the betting window is open then cash out before a crash happens. This is indicated as ‘the plane flew away’ in the context of Aviator but the concept is exactly the same.

Basic controls of Aviator

Controls in Aviator focus the size of your bet which you can set either by clicking on 1, 2, 5, or 10 or raise/decrease using the +/- buttons. Once the betting window is open, you may click ‘bet’ to join the next round. If you have a bet, the button is replaced by ‘cash out’ which you have to press at any point of the round to claim your winnings.

The amount you win is your bet multiplied by the multiplier raised by the plane’s acceleration. Cash out on any stage to claim your money but if the plane flies away, then you’re not getting your bet back. That’s what makes crash games thrilling for gamblers. You have to listen to your intuition to win or use Spribe Aviator tips and tricks from more experienced players.

Tips to winning in Aviator

Aviator is an easy game to play so most people opt to play using their basic instincts. If you are more comfortable relying on a systematic method, then you can take inspiration from the following tips. Each one is designed to encourage playing safe, making it great for newcomers.

Manage your budget

Managing a budget is a strategy that all gamblers need to know. If Aviator is your first casino game, then this is the perfect opportunity to learn how. Treat it like an even money game like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, Therefore, you need to consistently cash out at 2x in Aviator.

Budget management is about deciding whether to raise or lower your next bet depending on the outcome of the previous round. The Martingale method is a great strategy to start with. In this case, if you lose, then the next bet needs to be doubled but winning resets it back to the minimum.

Choose a safe cash out level

If you want to stay in a consistent bet, then change when you’re going to cash out. Observe when the plane usually flies away or refer to the game’s round history for a more tangible reference. If you see that it crashes commonly at 4x, then 3x or 2x are the safest time to cash out. The only time you should decide to push your luck and wait until it passes the average crash time is if your intuition tells you that it’s safe.

Place bets on both control screens

Aviator comes with two controls for different bets. Each one can be cashed out or lost independently from each other, allowing you to apply different strategies on both of them. A great way to use this feature is to have one play safe and have its payout cover the expense of the other bet which is to be used in riskier wagers. This is complex in the context of Spribe Aviator tips and tricks but it can be mastered over time.

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Written by Joshua White

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